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Blaze Bed Bug Killer

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Blaze Bed Bug Killer Kills Bed Bugs on Contact

Why It Works

Blaze is based on a powerful "tried and true" formulation for killing bed bugs that has been around since 1949.

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Approved by Health Canada
  • For use on mattresses, bed frames, furniture, carpets, wall cracks, etc
  • No added perfumes or fragrances

HealthCanada Bedbugs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

Blaze Bed Bug Killer

Kills Bed Bugs On Contact

Blaze™ Bed Bug Killer products are based on an active ingredient called Allethrin which was first developed in 1949 and is one of the oldest insecticides still in use today. Allethrin has a long history of effectiveness against bed bugs.

Powerful and effective…Kills and repels bed bugs

Blaze™ not only kills bed bugs on contact but it will repel and continue killing them for up to 48 hours.

By contrast, active ingredients like pyrethrin dissipate immediately and stop working beyond the initial contact.

Permethrin, which some other products use, remains on treated surfaces for up to 2 weeks, a period that is too long and inappropriate for use on items such as beds, mattresses, etc.

Unlike other products, Blaze™ will not damage wood, furniture or fabrics, and does not have a strong, unpleasant odour.

Safe for use around humans and animals

The active ingredient in Blaze™ has a long track record of safety. There is an extensive body of research which demonstrates that Allethrin is:

 - NOT toxic and dangerous to humans, lab animals and household pets;
 - NOT a carcinogen; or
 - NOT damaging to the environment

In fact, Allethrin is approved for use in pet spray products that treat fleas and ticks.

Blaze™ is an important part of your war against bed bugs. Whether you’re battling them at home or just want to make sure you don't bring them home with you after travelling, rest easy knowing that with Blaze™, you’re armed with the right weapon!

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are an insect that lives through hematophagy, which is the feeding of blood of warm-blooded hosts, such as pets and humans. Though they are not truly nocturnal they are most active at night when its prey is asleep and vulnerable. It secretes and anesthetic agent through a bite in the hosts skin which allows it to feed without waking its victim.

Bites may appear days later looking similar to a mosquito bite and creating a severe itch. This itch can lead to scratching which can causes skin infections and scars. On top of the itchy bites bed bug infestations can cause anxiety, stress and insomnia for sufferers.

Blaze™ Bed Bug Killer products are based on an active ingredient called Allethrin which was first developed in 1949 and is one of the oldest insecticides still in use today. Allethrin has a long history of effectiveness against bed bugs.

How to use Blaze Bed Bug Killer:

Test Spray

Blaze will not harm furniture, mattresses, bed frames or fabrics that are safe against water. Select an inconspicuous area to spray to ensure that the surface you are about to treat is water safe and will not stain. Wait for surface to dry and check to make sure there is no discolouration.

Prepare Area to be Treated

Before applying Blaze, clear the room of everything except larger pieces of furniture, bed frame and mattress. Everything else in the room - such as bed sheets, pillows and pillow covers, clothing, etc. - should be laundered in hot water and dried on the highest heat setting possible.

Application of Blaze

It is important to shake the can VERY WELL before each use. Spray areas to be treated like mattress, bed frame, furniture, carpets, baseboards, wall-cracks, etc. Leave room after treatment and allow for proper ventilation. Let treated areas and surfaces dry completely. Do not allow children or pets to touch treated items in the room until the surface is completely dry. Repeat process every 2 or 3 days for a week.

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