LW46 Hybrid – Electric Floor Scrubber Drier

lindhaus lw46 hybrid battery electric floor scrubber drier machine

Hybrid Floor Scrubber Drier


  • Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy
  • Use with battery and cord
  • High efficiency motors for the longest running time
  • Maneuverable and light, just guide it and it goes by itself!
  • Removable water tanks on the body frame
  • The world’s lowest base housing profile 230 mm (9 inches)
  • Superior working capacity 1500 sqm/h (16,000 sqft/h)
  • Scrubs + dries wall to wall + front
  • Dries perfectly on turns thanks to the easy glide suction nozzle
  • Quick brush roller and squeegee replacement without tools
  • The body frame turns to fold the machine for transport in a vehicle
  • Light weight and low noise level
  • “Electric” version is also available

LW46 Hybrid Fast and excellent scrub and dry!

  1. LW 46 Hybrid has removable water tanks for easy filling and cleaning.
  2. Brush roller and squeegee are quick to change without tools. It can operate on any type of hard floor. Just some of the perfect applications for the LW 46 Hybrid are: vehicle showrooms, churches, museums, dance studios, sports halls, schools, medical facilities, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, pool sides, and many others.
  3. The battery charger and the cord are on board.

Application Fields

LW46 Hybrid can operate on any type of hard floor with spaces from 200 to 2000sqm (2000 to 20,000 sqft). On the side we represent just a few areas suitable for this machine: car and motorcycle showrooms, churches and museums, dance schools and sports halls, kindergartens, schools, medical centers and hospitals, airports and railway stations, supermarkets and shopping malls, restaurants and fast food, production activities in general, poolside, sport centers and many others.

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