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Looking for used truck mount to buy

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Topic: Looking for used truck mount to buy
Posted By: steamdragon
Subject: Looking for used truck mount to buy
Date Posted: 17/March/2004 at 7:54pm

Intrested in buying a used truck mount. Wondering if it's better to buy a slide in? or a PTO unit? Which one would give off more heat? Because i think the hotter the better.

Mr. Steamer maybe you could help me? Because i understand you have both.

Steamdragon the hotter the better.

Posted By: Steaminpile
Date Posted: 17/March/2004 at 8:45pm

It's personal preference in my opinion.

If you want super heat go with a fuel burning heater.

You can get heat exchange units that will hold about 240

There are some used units on this site.

Where are you from?

I've always run pto's but considering a slide-in for my next unit.


If you are Canadian,try -

and look under the classified ads

That old Prochem on this site is a real fire breather.

Posted By: steamdragon
Date Posted: 17/March/2004 at 10:43pm

I 'am from Toronto

where are you from?

what kind of pto do you have? I'am looking to buy one soon


Steamdragon the hotter the better.

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 17/March/2004 at 10:55pm

steamdragon......yes I do have both...go with a slide-in ...pto no no no

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 17/March/2004 at 11:44pm

If you're in Toronto......truckmount = trouble

Buy a boat, go to Florida, open a hot dog stand

Year round work, and it doesn't make noise

Or don't take my advice, buy a truckmount, make little money....and buy hot dogs from someone else and make him rich.


Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 8:58am

pto vs slide-in

Pto suction power power power, but if you only running a single wand ...waste of time...get a pto if your running dual or tripple wand...gas cost a lot here in toronto I don't need to tell you that.  The pto is hard on the van as well

Slide-in heat heat heat, way cheaper on gas, but a real problem to work on if you don't know what your doing...a lot of little hoses and valves that dry out and crack and break real fast from the heat of the engine. 

For both you have to be pretty handy...or ross or phil or sinclair gets paid if you don't know any of these guys you will, if you can't help yourself around these machines

Posted By: Steaminpile
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 11:35am

I'm from B.C.

I run a Cleanco with a kerosene burner.

Posted By: carpetologist
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 3:25pm

Steamdragon look on my website under - truckmounts take a look at the Prochem 150 Kerosene burner unit in blue. It will give you the hottest water possible and you can purchase it cheap. Although I would not suggest anything in your van with an open flame. And I am sure that your insurance company wouldn't either.

Look how good a salesman I am. I have already talked you out of it. Or have I?

We also have many other used truckmounts on our site.

Very Simple
If you are working the truckmount yourself buy a slide-in.
If you are hiring dummies buy a PTO.

Very, very good advice.

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc. - New & Used Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines, Restoration Equipment, Training, Service and Supplies

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 7:43pm

Hey....wait a minute there sold me a PTO and told me to work the truck myself.......Are you saying I'm a DUMMY.

Fooled ya......I can get 3 times what I paid for this Beast.......who the dummy now.

I'll sell you my truckmount SteamDragon, Fax me your bankbook....then we'll talk, This is one in the world truckmount.


Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 9:17pm
I'll give you coffee money's more than you'll get for that's like a old womans puzzy...Big Old and all dried up...anything goes in it it breaks down

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 9:42pm

Mr. shouldn't go talking about your girlfriend like that, that's not nice, but the next time you're with her can you look for my gold watch.

My truck is 14 years old, 65,000 Miles on it, rolls down the street like a Tank, 18 feet long, gets all the peoples attention, has Air, Power windows, P.Seats, P.Mirrors, 2000 Watt power Sterio, 8 Speakers 4 Woofers, 2 Sunroofs, Crome Motor, New Mags, New Tires, and it roars with power when that 68 Blower and the 3.500 psi pump engages, coupled with my split transmission that activates it all.  ( See boys and Girls NO pto here...Its a split transmission, bet you've never heard of that before ) And enough heat to supply 3 wands....290 degrees at the wand. The only one in the world, baby.

                     NIGHTRIDER where the man with the biggest toys win

Posted By: Adwa
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 9:56pm

Jock I seen the Truck, I think two years ago. It sure was a beast.  Have you put your name on the truck, and what would that be.

Boys will be boys with their toys!

Posted By: steamdragon
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 10:59pm


Nightrider  if that was the big old white Dodge that Ted sold

You can keep it! I hope he gave you a good warrenty on the


Steamdragon the hotter the better.

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 11:07pm

This Truck burnes rubber, tranny was checked, diff. was checked.......The only problem when I bought it was an unbalanced driveshaft due to a faulty Universal Joint. When you purchase a truck outside Quebec it must undergo a very strick Government Test ................PASSED  100%

This truck kicks ass and all my competition stop just to take a look at it. It sure draws alot of attention.

                  LOVE     IT

                         NIGHTRIDER  would never sell it

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 18/March/2004 at 11:51pm

Mr. Steamer sings.....

that trucks ass drags low.....

the dam thing can barely go.....

the engine over heats...

the transmissions about to blow....

the unit inside sucks like a two buck HOE...

and the owner is SLOW

Ted gives his tail light gaurantee...

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