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Fire & Water Restoration

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Forum Name: Water Damage and Fire Damage Restoration Discussion
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Topic: Fire & Water Restoration
Posted By: doug
Subject: Fire & Water Restoration
Date Posted: 06/February/2004 at 11:01pm
This is not for everyone.  This requires much educatiion and experience not to mention the insurances necessary to carry out most of this work.  Just going out and sucking water and owning a couple of air movers and a dehumidifer does not make you a restoration contractor.  I have been in this business for over 20 years and what was ok yesterday is not allowed today.  It takes alot of time and ddedication just to try and stay on top of this ever changing industry.

Posted By: Harvey
Date Posted: 11/February/2004 at 3:07am
   Hey Doug I have only been in the restoration business for a short period of time but already have seen new equipment & courses come out. A person has to adjust their rates to industry standards but it seems to me there is many different ways to interpret blue book priceing. It is hard to justify priceing to some adjustors. Just wondering how you deal with this.

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 11/February/2004 at 5:51pm
Harvey:  Estimating used to be a science till the invetiion of Estimating programs.  Now there are two sides of the estimate. The adjuster's side and if you look at blue book or Xactimate there is 3 catogories cheap cheaper and cheapest ( not exactly as shown).  But the adjusater always gors to the cheapest.  Some adjusters just don't listen as they feel it is their job to jew you down.  I find if i cannot justify something it probably should not be on the bill.  There is a standard published to explain alot of what you do in a water situation and I believe ASCR has a smoke & fire one also.  You will never be able to please all adjusters and some companies dictate what they will pay for equipment.  I use Best 7 for my estimating program and usually stick with the pricing the only exceptiion is for some companies that I an a preferred contractor than it may vary.  This can go on forveve Harvey so I hope I haven't disscouraged you as you will fing some people you will want to work for and others you will not. 

Posted By: Todd
Date Posted: 13/February/2004 at 4:22pm
Doug, just a thought about your above comments. Take a look at what you wrote and think of someone  you may have offended! No hard feelings, but thought it was inappropriate coming from a professional.

You WILL be Amazed!

Posted By: Brian Strawn
Date Posted: 19/February/2004 at 9:24pm
Hi doug just a thought maybe you should try to educate your adjusters
with this new technology. There is old school and new school with out
education you never learn the right way to the new age. Adding new with
the old never fails some old ways still work how ever alot of new
techniques work much better!! Meters are a must ! Monitoring your jobs
every 24hrs a must! Many things can be saved that in the past were just
not possible. Education is for every one !! Sorry for carrying on.

Brian Strawn

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 19/February/2004 at 10:39pm
Brian:  You will never be able to change some adjusters.  But I agree with your note.

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