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STREET SWEEPING.................

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Topic: STREET SWEEPING.................
Posted By: nightrider
Subject: STREET SWEEPING.................
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 3:07pm

I was speaking to someone that mentioned a Street Sweeping venture..............I thought the city takes care of that, but it turns out to be street, sidewalk, & parking lot sweeping

As an added service it is combined with gum removal and asphalt degreasing.

Who else besides me think this is a good venture.


Posted By: gorilla
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 3:32pm
you have proved once again what a jackas* you truley are. How much to come remove the gum on my sneaker?

james cullen

Posted By: gorilla
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 3:46pm
I am on my way to the corner store. Planning on trying out this idea. Figure i'll purchase a nice broom and see how many parking lot accounts I can aquire. Thanks a million nightrider. I will be sure to post updates of this new venture as soon as I possibly can. Probably not anytime soon, goona be to busy removing gum and sweeping streets

james cullen

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 6:01pm

I didn't know Gorillas wear sneakers , If you sell your firetruck and buy a ride on street sweeper you would have a better chance to get afew contracts than standing their with a broom in your hand...........might as well stand there with your d**k in your hand instead, then at least you'll get some attention to your cause

Gorilla, are you going to let your brain live within a stagnant trivial odyssey forever.......... or .........are you ever going to open it up to a Parallel Dimension of this Universe where you can manipulate Quantum Mechanics and see through the glass of the windows you clean





Posted By: splash $$$ dash
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 6:09pm

Gorilla, likes brooms..........especially when they're in his ass

The sneakers are used to sneak up on other guys by the back

Posted By: .CTGCR
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 6:14pm

I think the parking lot sweeper idea is a good one, the gum removal too.

Hey Gorilla............Who picks the lice from your ass crack, or do you do it yourself in your bed at night when no one's around

Posted By: gorilla
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 7:08pm
Splash, are you o.k.?
You dont make any sense. "The sneakers are used to sneak up on other guys by the back". What's wrong with you? After sitting at home all day, contiplating what to right, this was it
Last time I checked everyone wears shoes. But good try anyways, I guess?
Splash, your a fairy princess. Why you left me so many private messages about nothing nobody will no. All I know is that it had to stop! I am not the least suprised you have a naked dudes as* downloaded for your pleasure.

CTGCR: you obviousley wont be in buisness long. You think a lot sweeper and gum removal is a good idea?
Send us all a picture of your first contract. Cant wait to see you waiving to the camera and picking up gum. Its going to take alot of hard work on your part ctgcr! There are alot of homeless people who already have brooms and sweep alot of store fronts.
Try not to refer to me and what I do in bed. Its something that you probley shouldnt be thinking of. Might want to get some help for that.

james cullen

Posted By: RealCleanCarpet
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 7:22pm
I'm not from NYC, but I saw a company (Dirty Jobs - tv show) in NYC that does just that remove GUM from the sidewalks in front of businesses. They have some pretty impressive equipment and have crews of 2 and 3 guys and a whole fleet of trucks. They also clean Pigeon $hit from the tops of building and window ledges.

I'm not sure this business would fly in most parts of the country, but in NYC it does.

I have seen a few small outfits cleaning the parking lots of grocery stores, etc... I've never thought about it so I really don't know how much money one can earn. BUT I know I've never seen anyone own a parking lot sweeping business that owned 30 trucks.

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 7:35pm

Hey Gorilla, get your mind out from the jungle and clean the cob webs from non-use, open your mind and maybe the real pros that post here will give you an idea that will help feed you & your family of ape minded neanderthals.

Check these sites out: - - -

There are hundreds more, once again Gorilla you just proved what a dumb dumb you really are. You should have never given up your fantasy fireman job








Posted By: gorilla
Date Posted: 10/February/2006 at 9:00pm
Sounds great nightrider. Maybye i'll get a $120,000 loan so I can purchase a street sweeper and compete with the city for tax money. I am sure that purchasing a street sweeper would pay for itself in no time. I think i'll get on the phone right now and start cold calling.
Hows this sound,"hello, my name is nightrider and I was wondering if you would be intrested in a street sweep and gum removal for the exterior of your...[click], hello, hello anybody there???? Keep up the great ideas!!!

james cullen

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 12:21am

Are there any shopping malls in your jungle, any private golf courses, any gas stations that need degreasing, any store fronts that are riddled with gum..........

It's ashame how a closed & empty mind has so many useless trivial words that come out from the mouth with nothing to say of any value to even the most mentally challenged.

I'm getting to think you really are a neanderthal, have you cracked any coconuts over your head lately, or dragged any hairy woman into your cave for a quicky.


Posted By: dennis_is_ok
Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 12:36am

Posted By: carpetologist
Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 5:11pm

Did someone mention street and parking lot sweeping?

You know when someone has an idea to make money KK always has the solution.

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Posted By: John L
Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 7:49pm

They take care of the streets where i'm at....

Anyone try selling "Reflective night vision ornamental address signs"???

Good money in it.....

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 7:56pm's not about Sweeping Streets

GeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ.......Doesn't anybody see past their nose


Posted By: John L
Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 7:59pm

Date Posted: 11/February/2006 at 8:43pm
Theres a company here in town that does just that, he has 5 trucks and starts a 5 or 6am in the shopping plazas

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