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How to get apartments

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Topic: How to get apartments
Posted By: michiganclean
Subject: How to get apartments
Date Posted: 23/February/2006 at 5:50pm

Was wondering if anyone does apartments? How do you get them and how much do you charge? I am starting on my spring marketing and would like to add new clients and i have never done an apartment and thought i would give them a shot.



Posted By: jtuseo
Date Posted: 23/February/2006 at 6:46pm
an apartment is no different than a house.


Posted By: michiganclean
Date Posted: 23/February/2006 at 10:47pm
I would think it would be more along the line of commercial because you have to get in good with the manager and i cant see them willing to pay me close to $100 for an empty apartment.

Posted By: checkmate
Date Posted: 24/February/2006 at 9:37am
They will

Posted By: John L
Date Posted: 03/March/2006 at 9:45pm


 A sales letter to the owner, follow up with a call and do a few free rooms for them (demo).. Same as restaurants.

Posted By: jtuseo
Date Posted: 03/March/2006 at 10:03pm
Out here in Nyc the land lord has nothing to do with having the carpets cleaned. The renter hires me to clean their carpets. I did 5 renters just this week.


Posted By: Revee
Date Posted: 04/March/2006 at 7:46am
Depends on the situation. Authorization to clean rented units comes from all different sources. I also would like to find some body who is a property manager/building services guy of  a multiple units building who doesnt already have a carpet cleaner. In the meantime:

I cleaned for a renter in a small 1 BR apt complex in early January. Maybe 200 sq feet of carpet total  plus 1 sofa.  He paid $100 cash, hired by the tenant based on a " let's do some knockin' on doors" campaign.

Scheduled to clean a 2 room apt w/hall for $100 cash in another week or so, but this one is privately held 2 family house, top apt is being prepped for rental. Will be 2 rooms, I'm guestimating about 375 sq. feet with the hall. Hired by the landlord/owner. The carpet is pretty trashed (I went to look at it). I told the husband might  not clean up totally, would you rather pay 10% too much (maybe you clean, then still decide to replace it?), or 90% too much (replace it w/o cleaning, maybe it would have come clean). He agreed. He's cleaning it first.

Did 1 small room in a historic district/commercial building last week, 12x13 for $75. I was hired (and paid) by the painter, who knows the building owner. New tenant will have h/w floors in downstairs, this small room is the "office" on the second floor. You can guess I'm sending a thank you card to the owner, have already told the painter I appreciate the referral.

Now granted, these are not tremendous jobs.  Point is simply that various people seem to authorize the cleaning of rented units, price depends on the need.  My own landlord owns a 24 unit apt complex and another 20 or so private properties around town but has not provided 1 single referral as yet.  But his turnover is low and I'm going to continue to remind him (cc coupons for the legal secretaries included with my rent check ea month :)

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