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Cleaning a Sofa

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Topic: Cleaning a Sofa
Posted By: luvsnow
Subject: Cleaning a Sofa
Date Posted: 11/October/2008 at 10:31am
I've been debating about offering upholstery cleaning because I've heard that you can easily ruin the upholstery if you use the wrong chemicals. The guy at my local dealer says that it's rare for someone to screw up and you just have to be careful on certain fabrics like Cotton.

Well while I was debating this, my cat decided to throw up on our basement couch and stain the cushion. I have an upholstery tool and was thinking about trying upholstery cleaning on my cushion since it's my couch and it's the basement couch, so I don't really care if I screw it up by accident. I picked up a gallon of Code:Green from Cleancraft a few weeks ago to give a try and it apparently is good for all carpets and upholstery.

I guess what I'm asking is, is it really easy to mess up upholstery or is it pretty much similar to cleaning a carpet? Would you recommend cleaning upholstery with an all in one cleaner like Code:Green or would you recommend using a chemical for upholstery cleaning only?

Posted By: duckcountry
Date Posted: 11/October/2008 at 8:07pm
Ask any two pros and you can expect differing opinions.

Me, I do dry foam shampoo, working it in with what I have always called a Gong Brush.  Not aggressive on the working in part, just to make sure the shampoo gets into the fabric, a bit more on oily areas.  After I get the furniture and its cushions cleaned I either use a wet/dry or HWE on vacuum only.  Lean cushions against each other forming teepees placed on the furniture with butcher paper or wax paper underneath.  Point the airmovers at the fabric, check every 5-10 minutes for dry areas and those requiring more direct air movement.  Continue with any carpet or rug cleaning you have in the home, checking at somewhat regular intervals and you will probably find the furniture is dry enough to remove the fans.  Leave the cushions up and instruct the customer to leave that way for 3 hours, 5 in colder wetter weather.

As the furniture is drying it will get lighter in color since it got darker in the wetting process.  Respect the customer's home by using canvas tarps whenever you are cleaning furniture.

Have fun experimenting on your own.  Look for furniture belonging to family and friends that is intact but has seen better days and offer to do it for free.  You need practice and you need to learn to identify potential problems.  I for one stay away from RED on any fabric flabor.  There are different solvents for cotton.  Learn how to identify fibers and make it a habit.  You can trust the tags on furniture somewhat but if it was labeled wrong and things go awry, you and not the furniture manufacturer takes the hit.

Two cents. 

Are you in a high paying business or are you just a self employed low paid grunt who thinks this business provides dignity?

Posted By: jaymark1
Date Posted: 20/February/2009 at 1:26pm
Dont ever leave a house with out cleaning a sofa or chair....I used to be scared too, but I have a system now, and I follow it every time, and I do turn things often.  The best way of gaging it is to check the tag, and if there is no tag, burn test or the best was is just ask how much it is.  If it was 20 bucks 10 years ago, its cheap and easy, if the person had it imported from some country you never heard of, turn it down...
Its super easy, get yourself a drymaster, its cost 300 bucks on ebay...
I only ever use Butlers uphostery prespray...
Man made fiber, you couldnt hurt, just make sure the backing or the pad is also mad made, there is some really goofy companys who I swear are making up fabric...
Natural, use little water as possible, 2 dry for every wet, and never use hot water, only cold or mild...but make sure you wet the entire couch, you dont want water stains...
and duck is right, practice on what ever you can, but dont loose money

I dont predict the future or sell glides, am I allowed on this site?

Posted By: Jhonywillow
Date Posted: 20/July/2009 at 12:27am
Vinegar & Water or Lemon Juice & Water..You use 4cups of water to 2Tbsps of either product use a spray bottle spray the area use a scruggie the type you use for dishes rub it in really good then spray the area again leave on at least 1hr then wipe off to get the smell out of the product your using to clean use Febreeze it smells really Great...Good Luck

Posted By: westcovina
Date Posted: 28/January/2011 at 6:35pm
Lots of fabrics these days have cleaning codes on the piece underneath the cushion.

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