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Pre-Spray vs. Detergent in Tank

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Topic: Pre-Spray vs. Detergent in Tank
Posted By: kkforumadmin
Subject: Pre-Spray vs. Detergent in Tank
Date Posted: 02/March/2004 at 2:02am
Comments appreciatated.

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 02/March/2004 at 10:48pm
I have aquestion for all the cleaners who use a pre spray.  Are you rinsing with water or with a rinsing agent?  How are you applying your pre spray? Pump up, hhydro forse or electric sprayer?  Are you just pre spraying the bad spots or the entire room?  There are advantages to applying your per spray hot, but I guess everyone already knows that.

Posted By: LeeS.
Date Posted: 03/March/2004 at 10:06pm
Spraymaster, spray the entire room, rinse agent from time to time depending on which prespray.

Posted By: Rotti123
Date Posted: 13/April/2004 at 3:49pm

 Pre-spray entire room, then extract with detergent in tank.  Never tried hot pre-spray though.



Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 25/April/2004 at 12:46pm
pre-spray and no soap in the tank.....rinse is nice

Posted By: Cd-Ron
Date Posted: 22/May/2004 at 1:29am

Prespray one room @ a time with hydro force, aggitate, let it sit, then rinse. Works well in most situations.



Posted By: gmoney
Date Posted: 28/September/2004 at 9:36pm
Pre spray and water rinse

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Posted By: beamer
Date Posted: 28/September/2004 at 11:41pm
The only time i use a rinse agent like fab set , if i think browning may be possible . If it occurs i use brownout .

Posted By: JCOOPER
Date Posted: 29/April/2005 at 8:59pm


Posted By: cmaster
Date Posted: 29/April/2005 at 9:06pm
Pre-spray hydroforce entire room. Rinse w/detergent.

Posted By: Advantage
Date Posted: 22/May/2005 at 6:34pm
I prespray the entire room with the Hydro-Force then extract w/extraction chem.  Then neutralize and rake out. 

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Posted By: Superglide Ken
Date Posted: 28/May/2005 at 11:58am
I prespray and rinse all carpets, but only use emusifier in the rinse for the bad ones.Acid rinse the rest.

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Posted By: Steaminpile
Date Posted: 28/July/2005 at 3:14am

lately I've been using alot of good ol water for rinsing


doesn't tend to get that "brightness" that emulsifiers leave behind but carpets are much softer and less likely to resoil


If it's nasty I'll also use an emulsifier though

the one I use is neutral ph


Posted By: Dennis Conner
Date Posted: 28/July/2005 at 12:15pm

Originally posted by Superglide Ken Superglide Ken wrote:

I prespray and rinse all carpets, but only use emusifier in the rinse for the bad ones.Acid rinse the rest.

Look at kennibois van and you will see that he doesn't work much!


Date Posted: 18/October/2007 at 12:39am


Posted By: CCandmore
Date Posted: 18/October/2007 at 7:17am
Presray the entire room.
commercial - I use a Hydroforce sprayer with hot prespray.
residential - good pump-up sprayer with hot prespray. If it is a large open area, then I use the Hydroforce.

I rinse commercial with 9.5 ph mix, then fabset.
I rinse residential with emulsifier/low ph rinse to bring carpet to neutral ph. If the carpet is berber or conditions won't allow it to dry fast enough, I fab set.


Posted By: Thang
Date Posted: 19/October/2007 at 11:14pm
Prespray all rooms and rinse with emulsifier.

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Posted By: vernonpurcell
Date Posted: 22/May/2008 at 11:45am
You have to rember that a chemical injection sprayer will not syphon with tempratures over 60 c
Spraymasters are the best sprayes if you get the adjustable one

Posted By: duckcountry
Date Posted: 22/May/2008 at 1:27pm
I prespray then shampoo.  That does a great job cleaning the carpet for me.  I then use fiber rinse in the extractor and use it as a rinsing machine/wetdry vac.  Carpets come out clean and soft.

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Posted By: 77748
Date Posted: 13/November/2008 at 1:59am
Wow ! We hydroforce using Energiser, Attack or Enzal w/deoderizer then rinse with Performance CBS.
After reading this might start using just water to rinse. Curious how much money we would save in the course of lets say one month.
If you think about it I am sure it has happened to everyone here where you forgot to turn the chemical back on after the prespray and was still impressed by your performance.

Posted By: 77748
Date Posted: 13/November/2008 at 2:05am
Pretty much everything runs from the Hydroforce. The machine itself should get less wear and tear.
Commercial different ballgame you need it all. Olefin prespray, etreme, and solution SCR crystalization rinse.

Posted By: prouddadx3
Date Posted: 13/November/2008 at 10:10am
I use my Hydro Force and pre spray all the carpet. If you heat your pre spray it makes the soap molecules more active. Their used to be a rule of 18. Once you hit 118 degrees the ability of the soap to cleans doubles for every 18 degrees hotter.If you use a slightly acidic water rinse it will leave the carpets softer and keep you from having PH browning. It was a long time ago when I heard that, probably twenty years or so. -

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Date Posted: 29/March/2009 at 8:30pm

I always pre-spray my carpets with my Hydro-Force and use detergent in my tank if the carpet is very bad otherwise no, just water.

Posted By: FuzzSucker
Date Posted: 21/May/2009 at 12:30am
i switched to pro-max for my emulsifier and it still leaves the carpet soft and I never have browning. I meter it according to the job difficulty and have been very pleased ever since. A little pricey, but a great product. 

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Posted By: Beatrice West
Date Posted: 08/November/2023 at 1:25pm
We prefer to prespray and then hot water extract. I don't like leaving soap residue in the carpet when using detergent in the tank method. But, it also depends on what cleaning solution you are using.

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