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yellow pages .com or superpages

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Topic: yellow pages .com or superpages
Posted By: leuj20
Subject: yellow pages .com or superpages
Date Posted: 19/May/2009 at 10:59pm
wich site works better for you guys or

Posted By: 22Clean
Date Posted: 09/August/2009 at 12:56pm
Why not post in both??  I believe you can put a free posting in both sites.

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Posted By: jaymark1
Date Posted: 23/October/2009 at 3:40pm
I recently just finished up a a year long ad in the online directory, along with 200 guaranteed clicks
Worst money I have ever spent!!!1
First, on the ad, I was the first ad, highlighted in red.  I recieved maybe 6 calls from it in an entire year. 
The click package was the biggest joke.  My website provider provides great reports to read, and I was getting clicks from all over the country and world, and on services and products I dont offer.  I got a ton of clicks for carpet cleaning truckmounts, that doesnt help me since I dont sell them, but since it had carpet cleaning in the front, I would get charged.
Please, just use google, its cheap, no contract

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Posted By: Soil Lint Green
Date Posted: 23/October/2009 at 10:59pm
jaymark is right.  Why use a search engine second level which is what most links seem to be these days on the main search engine sites.  Use Google, Yahoo, MSN and forget the yellow pages attempt at regaining much of their lost AD revenue.  The only ones interested in going to these jr search engine sites are those wondering where they stack up against their competition.  

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Posted By: duckcountry
Date Posted: 08/November/2009 at 2:57am
Google AdWords - that's the ticket  Figure cost per click at $1.25 each vs the cost of doing the yellowpages or superpages and I think you will find what others have reported and that is the cost is less with Google in the long run that with the online phone book sites.

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Posted By: Soil Lint Green
Date Posted: 09/November/2009 at 1:25pm
These days I use a domain name primarily for the email address.  I use fliers, business cards, my signage and current customers as my advertising.  And craigslist does fair for me if I just wanted my phone to ring with bargain basement shoppers.

Any marketing efforts with my business must be aimed at a target, not shotgunned as the web does. 

I compare relying on the Internet Websites to TV commercials which are aimed at anyone who spends the money for TV, watches TV and watches the network on which I would advertise.

The target audience on the Internet is anyone who spends the money for a computer, cerfs the web and uses the search engines to find everything they need.  This is a person lacking in social skills, has no friends, family or neighbors as real world face-to-face contact points and never asks for recommendations of those he or she knows.  If you have seen the homes of people like those you know their world is contained on the monitor they are watching, not the home they live in and should be caring for.

Of course those of us who visit this and other forums worldwide related to our industry but also talk with our suppliers and ask them for their recommendations are not part of that pathetic lot and our customer are social butterflies compared to the detached crowd I speak about.

But if you do want to get more exposure to that group pay for your placement with AdWords or find a really good SEO person who has years of experience proving to carpet cleaners on both sides of the US/Canada border that they know how to do it right for  this industry - the Cermaks at -   Clap

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Posted By: alanAustin
Date Posted: 19/December/2009 at 6:53pm

great info, thanks

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