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truckmount approximate cost

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Topic: truckmount approximate cost
Posted By: iamback
Subject: truckmount approximate cost
Date Posted: 28/February/2010 at 2:56pm
I am quite interested in starting up a duct cleaning service for residential houses, and I am currently in business planning stage, including feasibility, financials, market study, etc.
Wondering if anyone can shed some lights on ball-par figures for a truckmount duct cleaning equipment, if including the truck?

Posted By: Carpet Cleaning
Date Posted: 02/March/2010 at 6:11am
All truck mount carpet cleaning equipment fall into two categories: Slide in and Van powered ... The cost of truck mount carpet cleaning equipment varies from $15,000 to $20,000 while you can buy used ones for around $10,000...Smile

Posted By: iamback
Date Posted: 02/March/2010 at 9:58am
A dumb question, the same equipment (or core part) can be used for both carpet and duct cleaning? Also whether my understanding is correct that Van powered sucks power from the vehicle engine?

Posted By: carpetologist
Date Posted: 02/March/2010 at 4:44pm
A PTO (Power Take Off) works with the van engine running at approx. 35 MPH. This is by far the simplest system.

A slide-in has its own engine...little more complicated. Yes both of these carpet cleaning units will clean duct-work if you purchase a duct cleaning kit. Approx. cost $1,500.00 you can - see our used section for duct-cleaning equipment .

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Posted By: A1 ChemDry
Date Posted: 30/July/2010 at 10:27am
Well you never said if you are looking for a truck mount system that is a add on for a carpet cleaning system or a dedicated truck mount system made just for duct cleaning. I am sure there are many here that can help you with the carpet cleaning side on things such as the post above mine from Carpetologist.

If you are looking for a truck mount for dedicated duct cleaning be prepared to spend over 100,000 dollars for a new one including truck or you can find older trucks for as little as 15,000. All depends on your budget, our company currently runs 10 truck mounts most of which are from - Caddy Vac which I consider to be the best in the business. We do own trucks from other manufacturers but have mostly switched over to the caddy vac truck due to the power, reliability and service they offer.

If you are just starting out and do not want to spend 100,000 on a truck then there are some good portable units out that will work just as well for residential jobs, make sure that they are capable of at least 2500 CFM and have a powerful air compressor that can run at 200 plus pounds air pressure at all times. - Abatement and - Hypervac provide some excellent portable products, I have a few of each and like both of them. I have never used a carpet cleaning truck mount for cleaning duct work so I have no comment on how it works. I do also have a Rotovac but I do not find this equipment strong enough to provide a quality duct cleaning job. When in doubt I stick to the outlines of - NADCA who have spend millions testing and publishing the results of duct cleaning equipment.

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Posted By: Dallas Carpet Cleane
Date Posted: 03/August/2010 at 12:09pm
I would make sure to follow the NADCA Guidelines for cleaning ductwork.  Last time I checked you had to move a minimum of 1000 CFM with your vacuum.  No slide in truck unit can do that, and even some of the best PTO powered carpet cleaning trucks can't pull that kind of CFM without an adjustment.

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Posted By: Ken Harris
Date Posted: 03/August/2010 at 3:56pm
Not necessary to have 1000 cfm for residential duct cleaning. I would agree with that number for commercial cleaning.
What most people don't know is that the unit that produces 1000 cfm or more have very little waterlift to go along with that. The TM blowers have up to 40X more lift and thus don't need anywhere near as much CFM. Vacuum power is derived by the combination(airwatts) of CFM x LIFT. If you don't have enough of one you must have more of the other to compensate.
Besides cleaning is way more effective when using the Contact Brush Method which is how these units clean. If you doubt that look at what happens at a car wash. You can spray water at 1500 PSI and that thin layer of soil will not come off. But if you turn the pressure down to 50 psi(soak cycle) and use the brush on the same area, off comes the dirt. Brushing is much more effective than using vast amount of water or air to clean with.

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Posted By: TrueNorth
Date Posted: 16/November/2010 at 8:56pm

Ken how far into the ductwork do you manage to get your 2" hose?

I have steam cleaning trucks and vacuum trailers and I think that your system can be very effective when used in conjuction with a conventional duct cleaning method.
It should never be used alone unless you can reach all of the ductwork with it.
I feel to just clean the first 10ft or 15ft of a duct run is a scam that provide no benefit to the consumer except maybe peace of mind thinking that air quality was improved.

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