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Topic: software
Posted By: danmarck
Subject: software
Date Posted: 30/October/2004 at 11:19am
About eight years ago I teamed up with a friend who is super smart with
computers and we started writing an easy marketing/ customer database
management program for my cleaning business. After a few years of
tweeking we realized that it works so easy and so powerfully in keeping
track of and getting business that it would work for others.

By January we will be launching the software and I'm wondering what you
guys are using and what features are a "must Have" when you are dealing
with a piece of software???? We are also looking for about 10 companies
that are willing to Beta test the software and put it through the wringer.
any takers out there???

let me know! THanks


Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 30/October/2004 at 7:58pm

I personally just use excel work sheets.....that I've tailored to suit my own needs...

I like to put in notes about the customer... like number of kids...dogs name... any info I can remember from talking to them in the a bio... works great... people want to know you remember them...

an area for digital pics might also be a great tool...

the ability to track relatives and referrals... might be something else


Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 30/October/2004 at 8:33pm
I use Minstral 2000 . Works for me.Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 12:17am
Mr. Steamer,
Thanks for the ideas on the digital picture area, that can easily be added
and nowdays it can also be used to cover your Butt by documenting
previous damage etc.

Do you do any reminder cards or calls ?? do you also use excel for that?
just wondering......

The referral tracker is also an idea we have tossed around and can be
added, rewarding referrals is very important to growing a business.
Thanks for the input.


What did the Minstral 2000 cost you to purchase and what do you like the
best about the program ??

Thanks in advance


Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 8:13am
Gordie:  I think it was about $900.? Can't remember for sure.  It is a simple program and great support.Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: splash_$$$_dash
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 9:48am


(two taxes)


Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 11:52am

My wife has it so the people I need to call each year will populate on a daily call sheet...1 month before the anniversary....

The reason why I use excel.... numbers are a little bit easier to manipulate when you need to...most of the structured programs you can't go back and make adjustments


Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 12:28pm
Mr. Steamer:  We have no problem going back and tweeking an invoice if necessary.

Just My opinion

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 4:49pm
really.,... thats good... they should have that with every program


Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 31/October/2004 at 9:50pm
Our Program has an edit on each invoice. Although matching your
computer invoice with what the paper invoice says is still your

it is completely flexible in that regard.

On another point .... The program has a couple dozen or so different
Postcards that are designed for our industry to use as templates. They
have a preset text but If you don't like The wording or have your own
needs you click on it and change it. " Change your mind " it resets back
to the original text.

Use our templates to create your own coupons or seasonal specials or
just reminder specific customers of a new product or service. " Pet stains "
" New Tile and Grout Service " etc. it is very flexible and lets you do
business however you would like. It is a powerful tool to help us all make
more profit in our cleaning business.

Don't mean to go on, but this carpet cleaning software has helped my
business run smoothly and even though I stand to profit from selling my
software I really get excited thinking other people can now have the same
tool I do at their fingertips.

I would still appreciate your views on other favorite software features
from your current Software or what you really would want from a software
that yours doesn't have. Thanks Guys .....and gals!

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 10/November/2004 at 11:35pm

Any updates on this programing and how I can get a test copy????

or are you willing to give discounts to KK members??


Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 11/November/2004 at 12:26am
Mr. Steamer, Tommorrow night I will be uploading our latest version on a
website that we have created for that purpose . As you need to
understand , we are at the stage of looking for a few good companies that
would be willing to "Test Drive " ( Beta Test ) our program, so the little
niceties like a tutorial have not yet been added. Otherwise it is 95%
complete and we will use your inputs to polish the program and provide
some finishing touches and ideas.

So right now it may not be for everyone , but we will be giving a
substantial discount to all beta testers that cooperate with good feedback
to us so we can make the improvements. Plus that way some of your
great ideas may be implemented into the program you end up using.

I will post for all to see sometime Friday and give a website.

Thanks for the inquiring.

As far as the discounts, we are going to allow all of you to have a 90 Day
FREE Trial of the Full Version, because it is important for us to get this out
to a few of you so that we can get some beta testers using this program
ASAP, and providing us feedback. Money is not my main concern right
now it is getting some serius cleaners to give it an honest try.

Sorry for the long answer. I get carried away sometimes.

P.S. enjoy your posts and read often.........

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 11/November/2004 at 8:09am

The 90 trial: What ever you do don't put anything important on the program. After 90  if you don't buy it is gone.  However it is a good oportunity to play with it and see exactly what it will do.Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 11/November/2004 at 10:02am
Good advice Doug, I set it at 90 days because I myself have downloaded
software and it seems life gets a little busy and 30 days goes by to fast
to really get into it. We want you to be absolutely confident that you know
what you are buying and that it will make and save you money otherwise I
myself wouldn't buy it.

I think 90 days is great plenty , and actually if you really started to use
the postcards and remind your customers you may have a good share of
the money earned to buy the software by the time you need to decide.

It does gain you business and helps " keep it all together" . That's a good

Thanks for the comments!

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 12/November/2004 at 10:06am
Worked on a temporary website for you to download our software last
night. Remember it is still in development, but give it a try. We do not
have an installer chosen as of yet. What does that mean to you? well the
file will come to you compressed. Meaning you need to have a utility (
which is most likely a part of your computer already) to decompress the
file after you download it .

At this point I will not explain anymore,but will offer you my direct phone
phone # to call me if you have "any" problem. I too am the type that does
not want to deal with too much computer jargon and want to be able to
have the computer walk me through the process. And the " Final version "
will do that , until then If you are the type that are curious and non-
judgemental you may enjoy the challange of seeing what this program
may have to offer.

Thanks, I am here to answer any questions whatsoever!


P.S. the website for now is

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 13/November/2004 at 4:02pm
Wow thats great...


Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 14/November/2004 at 10:42pm
The web site doesn't work???


Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 14/November/2004 at 10:54pm
Mr. Steamer:  I guess it is not a free trial??Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 14/November/2004 at 11:08pm
You should go try it doug...maybe you can get it to work with your Godlike powers


Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 14/November/2004 at 11:47pm
Sorry , I will be right on it, I'll let you know tomorrow what I find out.
When you say it doesn't work , what, if anything, happens when you try to
download?? it will be helpful for us to know.

Doug , I don't quite understand your response?

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 15/November/2004 at 10:31pm
Mr. Steamer, Doug and all interested.

We downloaded the software from several sites today both to a MAC and
a PC and both downloads went flawless. May need some more info from
you as to what happens at each step so we can help you. Sorry for any
inconvenience but from here all is ok. You can post your answer or email
me at

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: Adwa
Date Posted: 16/November/2004 at 12:12am

Originally posted by Doug Doug wrote:

I use Minstral 2000 . Works for me.Guitar

Doug you must of got a hell of a deal from some company because I believe the Minstral is about 1800 hundred now.

The Following Statements do not Necessarily Reflect the Views of this Forum Network -

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 16/November/2004 at 7:43am
ADWA:  I think you guys had them on for around grand in the last year??Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 16/November/2004 at 8:16pm

The program emails me everytime someone downloads the sofware > It
has not registered a download in the past 5 days other than the test
downloads we did yesterday. And it did let us know of each test download
so the site is working.

Mr. Steamer, please try again and let me know what area of the webpage
is not working when you try it. Again all systems are go from here.
When you download successfully it will inform me.

Good Luck!

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 17/November/2004 at 10:27pm
Finished working on the graphic we are considering using for the
software. would like to show you ,but I need to know if it is allowed and
also how to do it, if it is allowed ?? Advise please. Thanks

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 19/November/2004 at 2:22am
Doug, Mr. Steamer is having a time downloading are you also. ?? Or
haven't you tried?

Mr. Steamer, is the websit opening up at all ?? What is happening step by
step. If I'd don't have any more info than " it's not working" I don't know if
I can Guide you from here. Did it open up the homepage and lock up, did
it give you an error message, if so what did it say. I need specific Info in
order to help you. And I do want to help!

Please let me know.

Have a good weekend if you guys are going to Toronto.

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: danmarck
Date Posted: 25/November/2004 at 12:04am
Any response guys, I'd like to have you have a chance to see the software
at least. What happens in the process that you are going throw???

We have downloaded several times since then and others have been
downloading sucessfully also so I need to have some more specifics in
order to trouble shoot what's going on for you.

Anyone else download so far email me at
and let me know how it turned out ! Thanks

Here to help you grow your business!

Posted By: MR. STEAMER
Date Posted: 25/November/2004 at 7:09am

Havent had the chance yet dan... but working on it


Posted By: Dakota
Date Posted: 25/November/2004 at 1:04pm

I have had the chance to use this software from Gordie for about 8 months now and it is awsome. you can customize every area of the program so it fits your operation. i encourage everyone to at least download it and try it out, you have nothing to lose

Thanks again Gordie

Posted By: danmarck82
Date Posted: 11/April/2005 at 1:53pm
The trial TEST version is back on the website for review only. We are
looking for people willing to work with us on completing the final test run
of the software by committing to Beta Test the software. This testing
allows you to work with the test version before anyone else and purchase
it for 300.00 instead of the release price of over 1200.00 or more. So
there is a cost.

We are looking for those that are in need of a great software program and
are willing to do a little communicating and critiquing to save some
serious money.

We are not putting this online to get public criticism. The download
agreement states that you agree not to PUBLICLY criticize this software
as we are just developing it and need some slack to make
improvements so as to put out a powerful and useful product.

If you are interested in checking out the software and abiding by the
above conditions please Private message me and we will visit offline

Thanks for your patience.


Posted By: John L
Date Posted: 11/April/2005 at 11:19pm
You might want to add a variety of sales letters?? you can get some ideas from a 30 day free trial here: -

Posted By: bryan
Date Posted: 17/December/2005 at 10:22pm

speaking of camelotsoftware  how does your software compare to it?


Posted By: John L
Date Posted: 17/December/2005 at 11:16pm
What do you mean bryan???

Posted By: bryan
Date Posted: 17/December/2005 at 11:43pm
was asking danmarck

Posted By: danmarck82
Date Posted: 12/May/2006 at 5:57pm
Try the new installer and some new features at
90 Day FREE Trial still available.


Posted By: duckcountry
Date Posted: 12/September/2008 at 2:24pm
I downloaded the software from castlebrook last night out of curiosity.  Very interesting marketing strategy that these guys have.  They have been in "beta" for 4 years which justifies the price of $300 but does anyone see the beta change much since it was introduced in 2004 or does it seem nothing is being done and the Be One Of The First message they echo for these past 4 years seems to be a retail price since it will never go for $1200?  I'm not talking down the software, just the schemes used to market it today.  It is FREE-TO-TRY-WARE.  $300 to buy.  I can't speak to the strengths and weaknesses of the program but I recall a story of a little boy who cried wolf and this sure carrot on a stick software sales strategy surelooks like it is taking on that boys story. 

Even saw a post on here that implied the software was released into beta last year.  Here is a quote from that post:
Gonna Pound The Pavement
Posted: January/28/2008 at 11:31am Then after you have been in business for a year or so keep in touch with your customer either with reminder postcards or newsletters. I use a program that I developed that you can try out. We have been beta testing it for a year now and it is performing fantastically. I literally was up over 40 % in 2007 . The biggest 1 year increase in my 26 years and I attribute a lot of it to jacking up my marketing to my existing customers. ( Post Card Reminders) and sending Thank You cards on almost every job....
The reason for my post here is to bring the thread forward so people can see how long the same sales line has been used.

By the way, if you are a user of the software please tell us: is this program and its support any good?  Noticed the platform it was built on is at version 9 now so wondering if the software still looks like a Windows 3.1 application or does it have a XP/Vista modern look and feel?

Is it worth the $300 retail price tag?  Any word on the proposed non-beta release that was scheduled for this past winter or is Kenny doing the scheduling?

Are you in a high paying business or are you just a self employed low paid grunt who thinks this business provides dignity?

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