How ONE Person Can Do a 5-HOUR Baseboard Cleaning Job In Just 30 MINUTES… (or Less)

Is it really possible for ONE person to do a 5-HOUR baseboard cleaning job in LESS than 30 minutes?


Not normally, no.

But have you seen how the NEW way of cleaning baseboards that can reduce a 5-HOUR job down to 30 MINUTES (or less)?

Watch the baseboard cleaning video.

It shows you how to save HOURS.

Makes the job of cleaning baseboards EASY … and almost FUN.

Saves your back and knees (you know, from all the kneeling down usually involved in scrubbing baseboards the “old fashioned” way).

End result:

You get to show off clean (grime-free, scuff-free) baseboards in 90% to 96% LESS Time than with any other commercial baseboard cleaning method.

Surprisingly, most commercial cleaning machine manufacturers have no real solution to cleaning baseboards.

Sure, you can get a baseboard cleaning chemical or aerosol spray (to apply to baseboards before cleaning).

But, you still have to apply “elbow grease”, use a mop, a brush and get down on your hands and knees to really clean and scrub those heavily soiled baseboards yourself.

Centaur has managed to solve this problem once and for all!

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Centaur has developed a special baseboard attachment called the Scrub Jay which attaches to a Centaur Rabbit-1 (or Rabbit-3) floor machine and allows JUST ONE PERSON to do a 5-HOUR baseboard cleaning job in 30 minutes, or less.

This “baseboard cleaning machine” is perfect for those BIG baseboard cleaning jobs…

  • at schools
  • university halls of residence
  • hospitals
  • apartment buildings
  • subway stations
  • and ANYWHERE where there are baseboards as far as the eye can see.

centaur scrub jay baseboard cleaning machine

And let’s face it:

Almost every high foot-traffic area in a building is fitted out with baseboards.

And baseboards get scuffed, marked and dirty all the time.

So, the need to clean baseboards is NOT going away.

Therefore, if you’re a professional cleaner (or you employ them) you HAVE to be equipped to clean baseboards.

But… if you continue to rely on the “old fashioned” ways of cleaning baseboards you’re going to be at a serious disadvantage going forward. There won’t be enough hours in the day to properly and thoroughly clean all the baseboards!

That’s why smart, time-conscious, professional cleaners are increasingly turning to Centaur’s Baseboard Cleaning method to do 5-HOUR baseboard cleaning jobs in as little as 30 minutes (and less!).

What about you and your cleaners?

What will you do?

Well, if you haven’t already, go check out the HOW TO VIDEO on this page to see how Centaur is saving cleaners HOURS of time and putting the FUN back into cleaning baseboards…

…and then imagine how much easier and FASTER your job will be when you start using Centaur’s Baseboard Cleaning method on your cleaning jobs!

Saving you HOURS upon HOURS of back-breaking manual cleaning work.

To your cleaning success.

PS: For everything you need to know about SPEED-cleaning baseboards, take a look at the info we have put together for you on this webpage.

Be sure to try out the “How Much Will You Save” calculator to see how much money you could save – cleaning baseboards the New way!