Hydramaster Rotary DriMaster Jetless Rotary Extractor

Patented Technology Cleans Fast & Dries Fast
Hydramaster’s amazing new Rotary DriMaster will change the way you clean residential and commercial carpets. This system uses a jetless cleaning head which delivers cleaning solution to the carpet as a controlled “sheet”, matched just ahead of the vacuum port. The DriMaster’s high-flow/high-recovery cleaning is designed to maximize the heat and vacuum performance of any machine…heavily soiled carpet clean easily…drying times are un-believable – 45 minutes to an hour!

Delight Your Customers & Blow Away Your Competition
Your customers will love how quickly their carpets dry…Quality results your competition can’t match. Even though the DriMaster uses a high flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute it never needs a dry pass. Simply stated, the Rotary DriMaster leaves the carpet much drier than any other extraction system or tool. Guaranteed.

  • Fast Drying Power Tool for Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs
  • Patented vacuum and solution injection system that decreases drying times and prevents wicking
  • Ultra-low profile easily cleans under and around furniture
  • Lightweight design that weighs only 46 pounds

Light, Portable, And Designed Right.
In the past, a technician using a wand had to supply all the pressure and motion to do the cleaning. The Rotary DriMaster does the work for you. Its weight distribution and rotary motion enable the technician to maneuver the unit easily with less fatigue and without strain to the back. The Rotary DriMaster is lightweight, weighing only 46 pounds, so it is easier to transport than other power heads. Its low profile, elongated cleaning head was designed to excel in  Residential Cleaning giving the cleaner access to areas that other rotary machines can’t reach. Clean under beds or other immobile furniture. The Rotary DriMaster will also work efficiently with all types of extraction machines, portable or truckmount, making it as versatile as it is easy and effective to use. Plus the “RDM” takes far less effort to use than a wand.

Residiential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Despite the lightness of the Rotary DriMaster, its rugged construction makes it well suited for heavy use. The ABS covers have been tested for durability and can withstand even the most abusive treatment and the welded aluminum square tube frame is both strong and rigid.

The Rotary DriMaster’s superior performance is accomplished using an electric motor that drives a reduction pulley, which in turn drives the rotary head assembly at a speed of 120 rotations per minute (RPM). Cleaning solution is injected through the center of the head assembly then channeled to the three solution injector bars that create 360 passes each minute. Soiled solution is then extracted from the carpet by the three cleaning heads and drawn through the clear plastic manifold to your cleaning system’s recovery tank. The key to the DriMaster design is in how the flow pattern of the injected solution is tightly controlled by the suction of the vacuum ports as it lifts away dirt without leaving excess residual moisture in the carpet.

The Rotary DriMaster will almost certainly increase the efficiency and quality of your cleaning operation while decreasing your fatigue, allowing you to clean more carpets with better results. With competition as strong as it is in most communities, a Rotary DriMaster is not only a state-of-the-art cleaning tool but also a marketing tool that will enhance your professional image in every way.

Residiential and Commercial Carpet Cleaner

An extraction cleaning system that dries in less than an hour*
Recent tests conducted by an independent testing facility reveal that HydraMaster’s Rotary Drimaster™ Power Tool leaves 85% less moisture in carpets after cleaning. The tests were completed in laboratory controlled conditions using scientific soiling, cleaning and measuring procedures. Completed in August 2003, the testing revealed that a standard 2-jet Scrub Wand left 3.1 ounces of moisture after cleaning, while the RDM left 0.46 ounces on a test area of about 3 square feet. This indicated that the RDM left only 15% as much moisture as a wand and confirmed the RDM’s amazing ability to recover moisture and achieve significantly faster dry-time results. Cleaning Efficacy tests conducted simultaneously, further revealed that the RDM cleaned better than the Standard Scrub Wand.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Job

Less Effort…Quicker Cleaning
The Rotary DriMaster has three cleaning heads creating 360 passes each minute. The result is thorough cleaning and quick drying, vastly superior to typical wand results. Body aches and soreness from the wand may become a thing of the past, letting the power head do the work. The DriMaster’s water recovery is so good, there is no need for a second drying pass on the carpet. That should translate into considerable time savings on-the-job and energy to spare at the end of the day.

Jetless Cleaning Technology