Pump, 112V Pump only, Buna, P-Valve, 4 – 1/4″ Ports, Green

Series 112V powers the Portable Carpet Extractor market with unmatched performance and size. This pump is popular in the Ninja, Mytee, tornado, and hot water carpet extractors. The 112V is a very popular carpet cleaning machine pump.
Simple, single plunger, duplex design
Used the most efficient pump technology and created the simplest design. Pumptec pumps gets more work done with less energy.

Direct-to-motor mounting
Compact pump sets allow for greater equipment design flexibility and application possibilities. Pumptec pumps can fit where others cannot.

Various performance options
A unique pump design that provides various performance points enabling performance optimization for each application. Pumptec pumps perform as you require.

Multiple motor choices
Applications often require motor flexibility and different power options. Pumptec pumps have the power for the application.

Multiple choices of seals and elastomers are available to meet your chemical and application requirements.

PumpTec 60015