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Lease-to-Own Options

If money was no object would you replace your older machines with more dependable models to increase reliability, reduce repair expenses and eliminate down-time. Would you upgrade to better equipment that could do jobs faster, cut labor costs and leave a better finish? How about adding new machines that would allow you to do different types of work and increase revenues.

By partnering with Westport Leasing, Kleen Kuip has made it even easier to acquire quality janitorial equipment/floor machines that deliver all these advantages and more. Instead of working harder, their products make it possible to work smarter. You can cover more area in less time, leaving you free to take on extra jobs and generate more income!

Here are just some of the features and advantages to Westport’s lease-to-own plans:

  • Convenient Application Process.  No fees or other upfront charges
  • Overcome Budget Restrictions
  • Fast Approval Response
  • Possible Tax Advantages
  • Preserves working capital and existing credit lines
  • Committed to Ethical Lending Practices

Some of the janitorial equipment solutions provided by Kleen Kuip include:

  • Floor Machines
  • Burnishers
  • Auto Scrubbers
  • Sweepers
  • Carpet Equipment

Maybe the best thing about new equipment from Kleen Kuip is that it can pay for itself through reduced labor costs and increased productivity. Westport Leasing provides convenient payment plans that allow you to acquire this equipment without a large capital investment or a negative impact on your cash flow.  The monthly payments are usually more than offset by the additional profit generated.

If the financial rewards to be gained by adding new equipment from Kleen Kuip are greater than the cost of the monthly payment, you’ll want to put one to work for you as soon as possible. Westport’s application process is quick and easy. All arrangements can be made quickly by phone, fax or email and we require no commitment until you’re ready to proceed. For more details, call and speak with one of our friendly customer service professionals today!

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For more details please call: (604) 681-1260 or 1-800-667-0747