Cimex Medium Steel Brushes

Pack of 3 medium steel brushes. This steel wire brush with 1.6mm diameter wire bristles is designed for general scarifying, and the removal of rubber carpet backing, grease, oil, wax, dried paint, ice, and food build up without damage to the substrate. These are great for use on the Cimex Scarifier for resurface/resurfacing.


  • For 48 series 19″ machines use 8″ brushes
  • For 61 series 24″ machines use 10″ brushes
  • For 76 series 30″ machines use 12″ brushes.


Medium Steel Brushes:

  • Sold in sets of 3
  • 1.6mm diameter wire
  • Agitates and removes heavy coatings
  • Perfect for breaking up freezer ice
  • Available for 19″, 24″ and 30″ machines
  • Use with the Cimex Scarifier
cimex steel brush
cimex steel brush