Benefect Disinfectants and Cleaners for the Restoration Industry

Benefect Disinfectant Cleaners suit all your daily cleaning challenges, water damage restoration and mold remediation needs.

Whether it’s a flood, fire, residential mold remediation or your standard commercial cleaning, our chemical free cleaners and disinfectant cleaners have got you covered for any job.

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There are many reasons to select botanical disinfectants including efficacy, health and safety and protecting those with chemical sensitivities.
But some products are marketed as botanical while only having 25% botanical ingredients. In fact, these products contain non-renewable, non-sustainable petroleum derivatives produced in factories.

Avoid products using words like “botanical based” or “plant derived.” These terms are used to greenwash a low biobased percentage.

Learn How to Identify the Fakes from the Authentic

Catastrophic Events & Weather, Water Damage & Sewage Backup, Fire & Smoke, Mould Remediation, Commercial Decontamination, Trauma & Crime Cleanup, Drug Residue Contamination, Contents Decontamination.