Esteam Encap Pro Plus

Encap Pro Plus

Encap Pro Plus is a concentrated encapsulating cleaner containing low moisture deep cleaning compounds and short chain fluorochemical technology. Encap Pro Plus attributes include excellent detergency, dramatic surface tension reduction, and the added benefit of a fluorochemical for dry soil repellency. Encap Pro Plus combines unique crystallizing polymer detergents to deliver deep cleaning and fast drying, forming a crystal that will encapsulate any remaining soil. The encapsulated soil is easily removed from carpet fibres with subsequent vacuuming. This product leaves carpet clean and bright, it also reduces wicking, drying time and resoiling.

Excellent for all encapsulating systems, Pad/Bonnet, Cimex™, Counter rotating, Cylinder Brush, Rotary.

  • Contains fluorochemical for dry soil protection
  • Drys to a encapsulated crystal form
  • No sticky residues
  • Low moisture for faster drying time
  • Reduces wicking and reoccurring spill stains
  • Diluted pH: 8.7
  • Dilution Ratio: 1:32
  • Available in: 4 L (1.06 US gal), 20 L (5.28 US gal) or 205 L (54.1 US gal)