Salt Reducer for Sale Film on Carpets and Floors

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how to remove winter salt stains from carpets and floors
How to Remove Winter Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors - Salt Reducer
Get Rid of Winter Salt Stains on Carpeting and Flooring - Salt Reducer
Winter Salt Stain Removal - Formula KK Salt Reducer

Winter Salt Stain Remover
Formula KK Salt Reducer – How to remove winter salt stains on carpets, floors and vehicle interiors

For Salt Film or “Ice Melt” on Carpets & Floors

Works by demineralizing salt deposits.

Acid rinses such as Acetic Acid are just not that effective anymore due to the new Ice Melt products. The answer is to use the proper product for the job (KK Salt Reducer).

Don’t let salt from the winter dull your customers beautiful floors and damage their carpets. Formula KK winter salt stain remover is an exclusive formulation that restores beauty to floors and carpets by removing winter salt left by foot traffic at doorway entrances. Floor finishes and carpeting last longer. Removing winter salt stains doesn’t have to be difficult.

Great for car interiors, floor mats, you can even spray it on salty boots and shoes and use a brush to wipe clean.

Never have we had so much interest in a product. Get ready for winter and stock-up.

Ice Melt Removal Procedure for Carpets:

  • Vacuum (HEPA) or Pile Lift
  • Spray KK Salt Reducer onto carpet and give it some time to dwell.
  • Hot steam clean with a carpet cleaning extraction machine.
  • Pad clean with a rotary floor cleaning machine (preferably cotton pad).
  • When the job is completed, sometimes the salt will wick back up when the carpet dries. A simple low-moisture pad cleaning and vacuuming can remove this residue.
  • An air-mover (blower fan) to help faster drying can be used.
  • Also keeping your pads as dry as possible can greatly increase salt removal. When the pads are as wet as the carpet the pads will become ineffective.

carpet floor winter salt stain remover

This method can be a lot of work but the other options give poor results.

how to remove winter salt stains
Winter Salt Stain Remover for Carpets
Winter Salt Stains - The Carpet and Floor Killer