Tile and Grout Cleaning Product - Grout Smart - Hyrdroxi Pro
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HydrOxi Pro Grout Smart

Powerful cleaner, restorer and maintainer for tile, grout, marble or stone

Won’t attack grout | No residue | Non rinsing

HydrOxi Pro Grout Smart is a unique concentrated solution of natural orange oil, hydrogen peroxide and surfactant technology that safely renovates, cleans and maintains hard surfaces.

Restores and brightens tile and grout, brick and natural stone to its original color. Helps reduce contaminates including mold and mildew. Once the surface has been renovated, Grout Smart may be diluted to a light solution for daily cleaning.

Also for use in auto-scrubbers, steamers, pressure sprayers and extraction machines.

‚Easily removes heavy build up of soap residues from hard surfaces. Helps reduce contaminates.
‚Restores and brightens original color while destroying odors.

  • Available in 4L or 32 oz. bottles
  • Multi-Purpose – Powerful Cleaner, degreaser and brightener for difficult surfaces
  • Non-Toxic – No perfumes, acids, alcohol, amines, ammonia, carcinogens, chlorine bleach, dyes, quats or phosphates
  • Certified safe, low odor — Green Seal certified; NSF registered; made with hydrogen peroxide, natural orange oil and surfactants
  • Eco-friendly — extremely low VOCs, biodegradable
  • Cost-effective — concentrated formula makes multiple gallons, wastes less water, saves time and money

For use in:
Auto-scrubbers, Hot Steamers, Pressure Sprayers, & Carpet Cleaner Extraction Machines

Restorer, maintainer & cleaner for floors including crevices around tile, grout, marble & stone
For use on: Windows, mirrors, walls, all types of floors, toilet bowls, shower rooms, tile & grout & kitchens.

Restores and brightens tile & grout, brick, stone and marble to its original color. Helps reduce contaminates with the power of hydrogen peroxide.

Once the hard surfaces have been renovated, Grout Smart™ may be diluted to a light solution for daily cleaning. Establishing a maintenance program maximizes chemical use and reduces time in each work station, saving you money.

Grout Smart™ can also be used as a versatile cleaner/degreaser. The natural orange oil breaks down grease, grime and dirt, while hydrogen peroxide destroys any organic odor that is present. May also be used as a general spray and wipe cleaner for bathroom surfaces, kitchen surfaces, desk-tops and stainless steel.