Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Pads

Carpet & Floor Care – Conventional

Whether for renewing traffic lanes or for large area spotting, carpet bonnets are quick, economical and effective. We offer a range of bonnets to fit specific needs of your carpet and floor cleaning maintenance program.

carpet bonnet - speed-trek

Speed-Trek Bonnet Cleaning Pad

Reversible medium profile bonnet floor pad features green scrubber strips on both sides, plus an all looped construction. Ideal for aggressive soil loosening and dirt trapping for a cleaner surface area.

  • Polyester/rayon blend material, synthetic yarn scientifically designed for maximum absorbency, release and durability
  • Available in three sizes, from 13” to 17” to 19” plus a hand spotter 8”
  • Heavy washing (50 to 60) depending on consistency of laundry process
  • Designed for medium profile, light to medium-soil situations
c-8 bonnet

C-8 Bonnet

c-8W/Slot Hand Spotter Bonnet Cleaning Pad

C-8W/Slot Hand Spotter

carpet bonnets - thin one

Thin One

Low profile carpet scrubbing bonnet provides excellent cleaning action, with minimal operator fatigue. Also excellent for buffing of resilient floors.

  • Made with polyester/rayon blend material
  • Available in six sizes, from 8” to 21”
  • Heavy washing (50 to 60) depending on consistency with Tuway’s laundry specifications
  • Ideal for low profile, light-soil applications
  • 90% recycled material content
carpet bonnets - speed sorb

Speed Sorb

High profile loops of cotton/synthetic yarn. Ideal for using on carpets in high traffic areas where drying time needs to be quick.

  • Material cotton/synthetic yarn blend
  • Available in four sizes from 15” to 21”
  • Non aggressive looped yarn ends work with any carpet style
  • Designed for high profile, heavy soil conditions
  • Heavy washings (50 to 60 ) depending on consistency of laundry process in relation to Tuway’s laundry specifications
  • 100% recycled material content