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Universal SplashGuard for Floor Machines

Centaur SplashGuard
How to Restore & Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite Floors Seminar

How to Restore & Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite Floors Seminar
Become a floor cleaning and restoration professional.

Avoid the Mess & Clean-up When Stripping Floors

  • Fits on any floor machine
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Resistant to acid/alkaline solutions
  • Very durable – lasts 20+ Years

Watch How The SplashGuard Avoids the Mess When Stripping Floors

Discover What Makes Centaur’s Splash Guard Unique

  1. Fits on Any Floor Machine
    Centaur’s SplashGuards are designed to easily work with any floor machine you’re using.
  2. Lasts for 20+ Years
    Centaur’s SplashGuards are made from “arena rubber” which is a very durable heavy rubber used in skating rinks for the players to walk-on. Other splash guards are fragile, made of thin plastic and with NO ridges on the bottom. The ridges on the bottom of Centaur’s SplashGuard lets the spent and fresh liquid to move freely in and out around the machine. Centaur’s SplashGuards lasts 20+ years while our other options only last a year.
  3. Different Sizes
    Centaur supplies 5 different sizes of SplashGuards including 2 sizes for a hand-held grinder. Centaur is the only manufacturer of these small sizes.
  4. Stripping & Scrubbing
    Although Centaur’s SplashGuards will be used mostly during stripping, you can also use our SplashGuards during wet scrubbing on stairway landings to prevent dirtying the balusters or spindles.
  5. Cleaning Solution Resistant
    Centaur’s SplashGuards easily withstand concentrated acid or alkaline solutions.

Types of Organizations That Would Benefit from Using Centaur’s SplashGuard

Service Companies:

  • Janitorial Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, Industrial Cleaning Services, Property Management Services, Stone Refinishing Services, Floor Maintenance Services

Organizations and Facilities:

  • Offices, Office Buildings, Hotels, Hospital, Health Clinics, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Airports, Correctional Institutions, Prisons, Restaurants
    Nursing Homes, Shopping Malls, Museums, Court Houses, Embassies & Consulates, Convention Centres, Markets, Supermarkets, Apartment Blocks, Libraries, Theatres, Cinemas, Factories, Government Buildings, Police Stations, Post offices, Religious buildings, Bus Stations, Metro (subway stations), Railway stations, Department Stores, Community Halls, and more…

Simple Invention That Will Change How You Clean Floors

There have been some great inventions that changed the world.

The wheel, The Compass, Automobiles, Concrete, The Telephone, Railways, Airplanes, The Internet Etc.

But if you’re in the floor care / cleaning business or your job is to maintain floors…

This one invention will mean more to you than just about anything else.

And, when used on a floor cleaning machine…

Will save you HOURS of time.

Time you would not have had available to you if you had not used this invention.

The invention?

The SplashGuard.

At first glance, the SplashGuard looks like a regular “bumper” on a floor machine.

But it’s more than just that!


Because the most time-wasting and costly part of any floor cleaning job is not in the cleaning of the floor itself.

The real laborious, exhausting (boring!) and costly part of cleaning a floor with a floor machine is in the cleaning up of all the dirty mess afterward…

See when stripping or scrubbing floors using a floor machine…

You’re going to get the stripping mess, the wet slurry, the dirt sprayed on walls.

And on the baseboards.

And on the doors.

And the planters.

And the display cases.

And on just about EVERY vertical surface (and nook and cranny) nearby.

So what do most people do?

They either tape-off the vertical surfaces with a protective screen (so surfaces don’t get dirty in the first place)…


They get down on their hands and knees after the job, and clean all the nearby surfaces that have gotten dirty from the mess sprayed on them.

The extra mess caused after a cleaning job adds up to EXTRA HOURS of time on the job.

And that is the case whether you’re a commercial cleaner, a custodian, or a floor technician, tasked with stripping, scrubbing, polishing or cleaning floors.

Bottom line:

It means you’ll have to spend more time on the job, making sure all the vertical and corner surfaces around the perimeter of the floor look clean and spiffy.

Enter the SplashGuard.

Using a SplashGuard around your cleaning / scrubbing stripping pad or brush prevents the extra spillage mess when cleaning floors.

All Centaur machines have an integrated SplashGuard.

And if you have any other floor machine without a SplashGuard, we’ve got you covered!

You can use a flexible SplashGuard.

Flexible SplashGuards come in different sizes so you can use them for cleaning smaller areas (example, when cleaning around toilets or washroom stalls using a 13” machine) all the way to a using a machine with a 24” cleaning path.

The SplashGuard will eliminate the extra time you’d have to put in to protect or clean the vertical perimeter of the floors you need to clean either before or after a floor cleaning job.

To your success!