Square Scrub Pivot Floor Preparation Machine

//Square Scrub Pivot Floor Preparation Machine
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Floor Preparation Machine - Square Scrub Pivot EBG-20/C

Floor Preparation Machine – Square Scrub EBG-20/C

The Square Scrub Pivot surface preparation machine includes a pivoting head for balanced contact & easier control. The pivoting head releases the control handle from the bottom of the base, allowing the machine to pivot freely front to back. This pivoting motion follows uneven floors more efficiently.

Featuring a redesigned sleek 7-gauge stainless steel base, the New Square Scrub Pivot can handle the toughest of floor preparation jobs including: tile & grout, VCT wet or dry, wood floors, stone care, and more. Square Scrub Pivot, Innovation Evolved!

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The Square Scrub EBG-20/C is Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

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The floating design allows the head to have near perfect front to back and side to side weight distribution. Near perfect weight distribution allows the entire pad to make equal contact with the floor, allowing equal distribution of the work across the entire pad. Other designs place more pressure on the front or rear of the machine causing uneven pad wear.

Square Scrub Specs EBG-20/C

UL/CSA/CE CertifiedYes
Base Weight w/o Weights106 lbs.
Total Assembled Weights156 lbs.
Maximum Weight Capacity232 lbs.
Powder Coated Steel Frame10 gauge
Stainless Steel BaseYes
Adjustable HandleYes
6″x2″ Non-Marking WheelsYes
Motor3450 1.5 hp
Operating Sound Output69 db
Power Cord50 ft./14 gauge
Lighted PlugYes
Amp Draw7 amps
Pad Size14×20
Number of Isolators4
Removable WeightsYes
Slotted WeightsYes
Vibration Reducing HandleYes
Noise Reducing Weight SpacersYes
Stone Care CapableYes
Carpet & Rug Institute CertifiedYes
Dust Containment KitIncluded
Built-in Hour MeterOptional
Two-Piece HandleOptional

Using the Doodle Mop along with the disposable microfiber pad provides the most effective cleaning tool available on the market today. Square Scrub technology will help drastically reduce the chances of cross-contamination, reduce Hospital Acquired Infections, and allow for superior soil removal.

Blue Tile & Grout PadSQP Pad
blue tile and grout padThis new and improved Blue Tile & Grout Pad is designed for deeper scrubbing of tile & grout surfaces. The integrated velcro backing extends the pad life, and minimizes slippage between the pad and the machine. No driver pad required.sqp padThe SQP Pad is a thin pad designed to remove several layers of acrylic finish in preparation for re-coating. Use dry on VCT and Tile. Use with a 1/4″ White Driver Pad.
SHO PadWhite Driver
sho padThe SHO Pad should be used on chemical stripping jobs. Extremely abrasive and heavy, with dense fibers. Best when dirt and buildup are severe. Use wet on VCT and Tile. Use with a 1/4″ White Driver Pad.white driver1/4″ thick pad used primarily as a spacer pad between the machine and other pads. Use this pad with sandscreens, sandpaper and Trizact Abrasive Strips.
Blue Driver PadRed Driver Pad
blue driver padIdeal for use as a spacer pad between the machine and other pads because of it’s superior ability to hold its form. Can also be used for heavier cleaning and buffing situations.red driver padPrimarily used as a spacer pad between the machine and other pads. Also a light cleaning pad that can be used both for heavier cleaning and buffing situations.
White PadSSE Enhancer Pad
white padThe White Pad is used as a light duty polish pad. The 1″ thick pad is used without a driver pad and is great for spreading chemicals while buffing.sse enhancer padThe SSE Enhancer Pad is a restorative pad to be used with Square Shine Floor Reviver. Use wet on VCT and Tile.
Xtreme SpongeMicrofiber Carpet Pad
xtreme spongeFor the removal of scuff marks on VCT or bathroom tile. Just add water and this melamine pad deep cleans between refinishing jobs. Use wet on VCT. No driver pad required.microfiber carpet padCombined with Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner the Microfiber Carpet Cleaning Pad deep cleans even the highest-traffic carpeting. Quicker drying time. Use wet on any carpet surface. Machine washable. No driver pad required.
Pro SandpaperStandard Sandpaper
pro sandpaperThe Pro Sandpaper is double-sided and longer lasting than standard sandpaper, cutting paper usage drastically! Use dry on wood flooring or decks. Lasts up to 6X longer! Use with 1/4″ White Driver Pad.standard sandpaperStandard Sandpaper comes in a variety of grits to tackle any of your wood floor needs. Use dry on wood flooring and decks. use with the 1/4″ White Driver Pad.
SandscreenAbrader Plate
sandscreenSandscreens are ideal for finish removal or repair of wood floor surfaces, such as gym floors. They can be used to repair painted floor surfaces. Both sides of screen can be used. Use dry on wood or wet on painted concrete. Use with the 1/4″ White Driver Pad.abrader plateCarbide tungsten steel abrader tool Designed for heavy duty use, including removing linoleum, glue or paint on concrete. ALWAYS USE WET! Use with a driver pad.