Professional Upholstery Cleaning Hand Tool

The Stealth Dry Upholstery Cleaning Tool is an effective no drip, no over-spray tool and is the worlds best for cleaning upholstery.

Never to Drip | Never to Overspray | Never to Overwet | Never to Puddle | Goes where no other upholstery cleaning hand tools dare to follow!

Don’t Get Soaked by Other Tools

This is the perfect hand tool for professional low-moisture upholstery, mattress and furniture cleaning. The spray jet is situated within the vacuum slot, minimizing the penetration of water into the backing of the item being cleaned. If you want the fastest drying times possible combined with a see-through head giving full visual control, this is the hand tool for you.

professional upholstery cleaning tool stealth dry

Lexan plastic durability. Internal spray detailer effectively cleans vertical blinds, car interior upholstery, couch cushions, furniture. It’s not necessary to over spray your clothes, the picture on the wall, the dashboard, etc., when cleaning upholstery. (Sound familiar?)

  • All stainless steel construction. Anything that looks like stainless steel – is high grade stainless steel, right down to the nuts and bolts!
  • 9 cm / 3½ inch wide cleaning head with quality stainless steel glides, creating a robust, easy-glide tool.
  • Internal stainless steel jet giving a low-moisture clean with no over-spray.
  • Fitted with a vacuum slider allowing you to reduce your vacuum strength and put out more water when cleaning heavily soiled items.
  • Forged solid brass valve with stainless steel trigger and valve stem, rated for use up to 500 psi.
  • Highly robust see-through cleaning head allowing the operator to keep a check on the dirt being extracted and the amount of moisture remaining in the item being cleaned. Work drier and more thoroughly.
  • Stainless Steel tube handle is pressed on, not glued on
  • 1 foot whip on high pressure model
  • Great for auto interior detailers
  • Any questions please call us 416-429-0401 or Toll Free 1-800-565-2574
Stealth Dry Upholstery Cleaning Tool