Stealth Dry Tool

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Stealth Dry No-Drip Upholstery Cleaning Tool

This effective no drip, no over-spray tool is the worlds best for cleaning upholstery.

Never to Drip | Never to Overspray | Never to Overwet | Never to Puddle | Goes where no other tool dares to follow!

Don’t Get Soaked by Other Tools

Lexan plastic durability. Internal spray detailer effectively cleans vertical blinds and car interior upholstery. It’s not necessary to overspray your clothes, the picture on the wall, the dashboard, etc., when cleaning upholstery. (Sound familiar?)

  • 3-1/2 inch wide impact resistant see thru plastic head allows clear view of recovery
  • Stainless Steel tube handle is pressed on, not glued on
  • 1 foot whip on high pressure model
  • Great for auto interior detailers
Stealth Dry Internal Jet Upholstery Cleaning Tool
Stealth Dry Upholstery Cleaning Tool