Restoration & Specialty

Esteam D.S.


D.S. is a heavy duty concentrated cleaner for use on hard surfaces. This powerful cleaner is formulated to attack extreme grease and smoke film on hard surfaces. It can be used as an additive to Esteam C.O. as a boosting agent. D.S. effectively removes light to moderate smoke residue on brick and masonry fireplaces.

  • Diluted pH: 11.9
  • Dilution Ratio: Up to 1:80
  • Available in: 4 L (1.06 US gal), 20 L (5.28 US gal) or 205 L (54.1 US gal)
esteam smoke and soot remover restorative cleaner for fire damage

Smoke ‘n Soot Remover

Smoke ‘n Soot Remover is designed to eliminate the residues resulting from smoke, soot and carbon combustion. This product has also been proven most effective in removing grease, oil, food and yellowing from tobacco nicotine. Smoke n’ Soot Remover is ideal for use on metal, concrete, ceramic tile, painted surfaces, sealed wood, appliances, countertops, sinks, cabinets, floors, bathtubs and other wet cleanable surfaces.

  • Diluted pH: 11.7
  • Dilution Ratio: Up to 1:8
  • Available in: 4 L (1.06 US gal), 20 L (5.28 US gal) or 205 L (54.1 US gal)
Esteam Coil Cleaner


Coil Cleaner is specially designed for use in truckmounted carpet cleaning extractors to remove hard water build-up and chemical deposits from heat exchangers. Regular use of Coil Cleaner will help prevent heat loss, and plugged heat exchangers.

  • pH: 0.5
  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to use
  • Available in: 4 L (1.06 US gal) or 20 L (5.28 US gal)
Truckmount Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers can be costly to replace.

Be sure to keep the coils clean in your truckmount to eliminate costly down time.

Fresh Scent Wafers

Fresh Scent Wafers

Clear the air with Esteam Fresh Scent Wafers…available in cherry, cinnamon, lemon and winter pine.

Smoke Sponges

Smoke Sponges

These rubberized sponges are designed to remove fire soot in a dry state. Tiny porous cells lift soot from surfaces quickly without smearing.
3-1/2″ x 6″: E218-185
3″ x 9″: E218-186