Spotting Agents

Esteam Citrus 500

Citrus 500

Citrus 500 combines the cleaning power of D-Limonene citrus extracts with deep penetrating solvents to produce a most versatile spotter. It works on a wide variety of spots such as lipstick, tar, gum, adhesive, some fresh paint, and many more. Citrus 500 can also be used as a booster to presprays, by adding 2 oz to each diluted gallon of prespray.

  • pH: N/A
  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
  • Available in: 1 L (34 oz), 4 L (1.06 US Gal), 20 L (5.28 US Gal) or 205 L (54.1 US Gal)
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Esteam P.O.G.


P.O.G. (Paint, Oil & Grease) is a non-volatile dry spotter. P.O.G. quickly penetrates beneath the spot and creates suspension between the spot and the fibre. It removes tough oil based spots like grease, oil, tar, dried oil based paint, lipstick, nail polish, some inks and adhesives.

  • pH: N/A
  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
  • Available in: 1 L (34 oz) or 4 L (1.06 US Gal)
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Esteam Blood Remover

Blood Remover

Blood Remover is a specially designed product for the removal of blood stains and eliminating odor from decomposing blood.

  • pH: 11.3
  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
  • Available in: 1 L (34 oz)
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Esteam Vanish


Vanish is an easy to use two part system which will eliminate most coffee, fruit juice and many other stains. This amazing product works like magic. Just spray it on and walk away. Vanish is self-neutralizing and non-residual.

  • Mixed pH: 9.7
  • Dilution Ratio: One part Vanish #1 to one part Vanish #2
  • Available in: 1 L (34 oz), Spray-Pack or 4 L (1.06 US Gal)
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Esteam Home Care Spotter

Home Care Spotter

Tackle spots and stains like a professional! Home Care Spotter is a multi-purpose spotting agent for use in the home. Home Care Spotter easily removes spots and stains from wet cleanable carpet giving you instant, professional results.

  • pH: 6.4
  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
  • Available in: 12 x 500 ml cases
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Esteam Pro Spot Spotting Machine

Spot Cleaning Made Easy!

With it’s molded carry handle with built-in cord wrap, the Esteam Pro Spot portable carpet and upholstery automotive detailing spotting machine is easy to manouver. No more hauling a large machine to tackle spotting problems.

The Pro Spot Features:

  • Durable Rotomolded Body
  • Translucent Recovery Tank
  • 2.0 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 2.5 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • 96″ Hose Length with Clear View Hand Tool
  • One Latch Removable Tank
  • Weight: 18 Lbs.
  • 2-Stage, 85″ Water Lift, 100 CFM
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