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Hydro-Force™ Plus Injection Sprayer

The original injection sprayer (100 – 1,000 PSI)

Finish Jobs Faster with Hydro-Force™ Injection Sprayers

For those that want an exceptional sprayer at a great price. The Hydro-Force Plus offers many of the great benefits of the Hydro-Force Pro injection sprayer including the same durable spray gun, stainless steel extension and long-lasting injection valve.

Every once in a while, an idea comes along that revolutionizes an industry. The Hydro-Force injection sprayer did just that over 30 years ago when it was developed to dramatically improve how a technician applied chemical. The injection system allowed a technician to apply chemical faster and more evenly than pump-up sprayers, decreasing the time it took to complete a job and improving the quality of their cleaning.

Years later, the Hydro-Force sprayer is still an essential part of every cleaner’s arsenal. With over 30 years of engineering and testing, the Hydro-Force injection sprayers have proven to be the most durable and trusted injection sprayer in the world.

For those that demand the best, the Hydro-Force Pro has all the great features you’ve come to expect along with a new 5 qt. container that makes the best sprayer in the industry even better! Cut your spray time in half! Quickly apply presprays, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaning solutions, sanitizers, protectors and more.


  • Patent-pending container design makes the Hydro-Force sprayer the most convenient sprayer on the market.
  • Large side-fill port – refill without removing the injector assembly
  • Wand holder to keep your wand off your customer’s floor
  • Recessed handle – no more annoying velcro straps
  • Operating pressure range of 50-1,000 PSI
  • Eliminates annoying mixing required by pump up sprayers
  • High-quality quick connects allow your gun to swivel and permits quick removal


  • 5 qt. transparent container w/qt. measurement markings
  • Quick connects for swiveling and quick removal
  • Spray gun rated at 2600 PSI and 7 GPM
  • 7 dilution ratios using metering tip kit NA0816A
  • Chemically-resistant seals
  • 18″ stainless steel wand
  • Rotomolded container
  • Tethered cap