Hot Steamer Cleaning Machine - Hydro-Force

Hydro-Force Hot Steam Vapor Cleaning Machine

The Hydro-Force Vapor Cleaning Machine is the commercial steamer for chemical-free, mess-free cleaning and disinfecting. Use it in commercial kitchens, supermarkets, or anywhere your customer demands a chemical-free environment. Great for Tile & Grout Line Cleaning.

With live steam, the HydroForce Vapor Cleaning machine cuts grease, mold, mildew, aged-on contaminants and a mountain of other substances. A heavy-duty stainless steel body will take serious punishment. Easy-to use attachments adapt to any job. Clean for up to two hours on one three-quart tank of water.

  • Working pressure up to 40 PSI
  • Heats the water up to 250 degrees
  • 7 foot hose
  • 15 foot electric cord
  • 120 volts, 1300 watts
  • Tank has a 3 liter capacity
Cleaning Tile and Grout with Steam Vapor Machine
Steam Vapor Cleaning Machine - Cleaning Mirrors
Steam Cleaning Toilets
Cleaning Bathroom Tile and Grout
Hot Steam Floor Cleaning
Hydro-Force Vapor Cleaning Machine Accessories
  1. AB80 Upholstery Brush – Black
  2. PTPM0005 Angled Aluminum Extension – Assembled
  3. PTPM0006 Straight Aluminum Extension – Assembled
  4. AN03 Glass Cleaner – Assembled
  5. AB81 Detail Brush with Nylon Bristles
  6. AB82 Detail Brush with Steel Bristles
  7. AB83 Round Brush
  8. AB84 Triangle Brush
  9. PTPD0061 Red Funnel
  10. PTPM0041 Floor Brush 2 Brackets – Black
  11. AN01 Detail Nozzle Black – 1 Hole – Assembled
  12. AN02 Detail Nozzle Black – 3 Holes – Assembled