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Multi-Purpose Rechargeable Handheld Trigger Sprayers

Ninja is an eco-friendly handheld sprayer for environmentally responsible organizations.

Ninja is an ergonomic multi-purpose rechargeable trigger sprayer with adjustable nozzle that can spray a wide stream of jet to fine mist.

Ninja has an integrated lithium-ion battery 3.7V-2200mAh, powerful enough to spray up to 100 bottles per charge. Charging is through a USB type C port and can be connected to any standard USB port by means of the supplied USB cord.

A great sprayer for auto detailing and upholstery prespraying.

The Ninja handheld sprayer can operate in two modes: Automatic and Manual. Keep the trigger down to spray with Ninja as long as you hold it or push the trigger twice to operate in automatic mode; a finger free spraying experience!

Features include:

  • battery indicator
  • safety lock
  • belt hook holder
  • large bottle neck
  • easy twist bottle
  • light weight
  • non-transparent bottle
  • liquid filter
  • long spray distance