Rota Scrub Power Drill Accessory

Rota-Brush Power Drill Accessory

Power Scrub and Clean – Fits All Drills – 100% Polypropylene – 5 inches in diameter


The Rota-Brush is a cool attachment for encap cleaning on upholstery or just simply for agitating prior to hot water extraction. Just attach it to a good quality drill and you’re set to go! Spray the upholstery and then scrub the surface. The soft bristles of the Rota-Brush are ideally suited for sturdy upholstery fabrics. It’s a quick and simple approach that works. Great for removing stubborn carpet stains.

Cleaning Tip: The Rota-Brush can provide a simple alternative for encapsulation cleaning on large commercial upholstery jobs. You could have one person spraying chairs as the second person comes behind with the Rota-Brush.

For best results always wash the surface with water and then spray or apply your cleanser or soap. Tilt the rotating brush at approximately 15° from the vertical. Too much angle results in only a small portion of the brush being used. Too little angle or flat on the surface lessens the cleaning results and causes the brush to wobble. Wash off the surface with water, check for spots that may have been missed and repeat if necessary.

carpet upholstery cleaning brush drill accessory

Great for cleaning:

  • Car interior upholstery
  • Carpet & upholstery stains
  • Encap cleaning
  • Virtually anything that requires some elbow grease

Safety Tips

Be sure that the brush’s steel insert shaft is firmly fastened in the drill chuck. Always use a properly grounded machine. Maximum RPM 3,500.

*Drill is not included.

Rota-Scrub Power Drill Accessory

Soft bristles for: cleaning, cut polishing and buffing high gloss surfaces, i.e., boat top sides, sails, counters, etc.

Rota-Scrub Power Drill Accessory

Medium bristles for: general scrubbing and cleaning, i.e., boat decks, hulls and wood-work, house siding, decks, porches, wood window casings and frames, tiles and grout in bathrooms and showers and floors, etc.

Rota-Scrub Power Drill Accessory

Coarse bristles for: aggressive heavy duty work, i.e., removing loose paint and blisters, aggregate, barnacle stains on boat hulls, propellers, rudders and shafts, etc.