Rug Renovator Carpet Stain Remover Tool
Rug Renovator Carpet Cleaning Product

Rug Renovator

The Rug Renovator combines excellent cleaning features into one very versatile, effective and efficient cleaning product.

Eliminates the need to bend down and scrub carpets and area rugs anymore.

  • Sturdy, adjustable handle allows consumers to work at a comfortable and ergonomic operating position.
  • Radial curvature of the brush allows more uniform distribution of the cleaning chemicals.
  • Side wheels give support to the brush block creating a constant angle for the brush to clean effectively.
  • Two Carpet Brush selections – easy (Light Blue bristles) or aggressive (Dark Blue bristles) – give you the flexibility to clean different types of carpet, area rugs, spots and stains
  • The Rug Renovator is lightweight, durable and has a retractable handle for easy storage.
  • Consumers save money and see great results versus paying a professional cleaning company.