Core Carpet and Upholstery Spotting Products

Citrus-based Grease, Adhesive & Tar RemoverUnbelievable Citrus Gel

Citrus-based Grease, Adhesive and Tar Remover

  • For Carpet and Upholstery
  • Easy to use gelled citrus-based spotter
  • Safely removes petroleum-based spots quickly and easily, without attacking the carpet backing
  • Great for vertical surfaces

All Purpose Rust RemoverRust Spot’r Rust Remover

All Purpose Rust Remover

  • Safer alternative to hydrochloric and phosphoric acids
  • Rust and deposits break free from surface for easy removal!
  • pH 3.5

Unbelievable Juice Out Dye RemoverJuice Out Dye Remover

Food, Drink & Cosmetic Dye Remover

  • For Carpet and Upholstery
  • This unique formula works by separating the food coloring from the stained fiber through chemical reaction and heat transfer
  • 10.5-11.0 pH

REMOVES: Blood, Berries, Ketchup, Fruit Juices, Iodine, Wine, Grass stains, Tracked-in-dirt.

Hydroxi ProHydroxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter

Anti-resoiling agents | Eliminates odors | Natural orange fragrance

  • Hydrogen peroxide-based spotter than can be used on any surface
  • ‚Attacks stains on contact and blast odors away
  • Neutral pH for synthetic and natural fibers
  • Polymer technology to eliminate resoiling
  • Easily remove problems such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, urine, juice, food and blood

Pen and Ink Stain RemoverUnbelievable Ink Out

Pen and Ink Stain Remover

  • Water-based formula safely eliminates spots from almost any surface
  • Dissolves problem stains like: ball point pen ink, permanent markers, stamp ink, news print and more
  • Removes permanent marker from whiteboards. Also will clean whiteboard residue
  • Non-flammable and biodegradable
  • Pleasant mint fragrance.

Graffiti Paint RemoverUnbelievable Graffiti Off

Water Based Paint Remover

  • Spot remover works on road signs, brick, plexiglass and vinyl
  • Advanced formula eliminates spots and stains like: aerosol paint, oil & water based enamel, markers, sealers and more
  • Non-flammable & biodegradable
  • Low odor formula