Flood Master

Flood Master Carpet Water Extractor for Water Damage Restoration

The Ninja Flood Master Flood Extractor makes short work of flood and water damage restoration clean-up.

The Esteam Ninja Flood Master Flood Extractor Machine stands as a true marvel in the realm of water damage restoration equipment. With its state-of-the-art engineering and unparalleled efficiency, this extractor machine emerges as a formidable solution for tackling the aftermath of water-related emergencies. Engineered with precision, it swiftly and effectively removes water from affected surfaces, be it residential or commercial spaces.

The Flood Master’s advanced technology ensures thorough extraction, preventing further structural damage and mold growth. Its versatility shines through, capable of handling various scales of water damage with ease. In the battle against water-induced havoc, the Esteam Ninja Flood Master Flood Extractor Machine stands as a reliable ally, embodying unmatched power, adaptability, and reliability.

It’s dual 2-stage vacuums and submersible pump will dispose of up to 65 gallons per minute. But that’s not all. The Flood Master is also equipped for carpet and upholstery cleaning with it’s optional 100, 150 or 200 PSI pump. Put the Flood Master Flood Pumper to work for your business.

We also have fan rental for water damage.

The Power to get the job done

  • Best-in-class performance – the 30 gallon dump-pump moves 30 gallons per minute
  • Flexibility – Clean carpet and upholstery with the optional 100, 150, or 200 PSI cleaning pumps
  • Capacity – The FloodMaster gives you 11-gallon solution and infinite recovery ability
  • Handling – 10-inch rear wheels make moving the FloodMaster simple
  • Versatility – The Flood Master carpet water extractor can empty a 2,000-gallon swimming pool in 2 hours

Standard Features:

  • Rotomolded Polyethylene Housing
  • Submersible Pump
  • Dual 2-Stage Vacuums (150″ Water Lift)
  • Up to 65 GPM Discharge Pump
  • 40 Litre (10 Gallon) Solution Tank c/w Stainless Steel Solution Tank Cover
  • 40 Litre (10 Gallon) Recovery Tank w/High Water Shut Off
  • Molded Poly Handle
  • 3 Easy Lift Handles
  • Swivel Vacuum Tank Hose Connection
  • 8″ Rear Anti-Static Wheels
  • 4″ Front Anti-Static Swivel Casters
  • Quick Latch Body for Ease of Servicing
  • 25’ of Electrical Cord
  • 50’ of Discharge Hose
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Body Housing
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on Major Components
  • Weight: 100 Lbs.

Lease or Financing Available

We also stock a wide selection of specialty cleaning chemicals, carpet cleaning wands, upholstery tools and accessories. Call or visit us today!

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