Ninja Mister – Spraying Machine

Cover large areas quickly and easily with the Ninja Mister Spray Gun Machine

The Esteam Ninja Mister Sprayer Machine is a cutting-edge and versatile tool designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. This compact and powerful spray gun machine is a game-changer, allowing for precise and efficient application of liquids, such as disinfectants, pesticides, cleaning solutions, and more. Equipped with advanced technology, it ensures a fine mist that evenly coats surfaces without wastage or over-spray.

Whether it’s sanitizing large spaces, tackling pest control, or pre-spraying large areas for carpet, the Esteam Ninja Mister Spray Gun Machine delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking optimal results in their spray applications.

Designed with two 10 gallon capacity holding tanks allows for adequate spray solution storage to keep going when others require a refill and two spray guns offer dual operator capability. Saving time and money when it matters the most.

Each tank is equipped with a 150 PSI pump and it’s own switch for easy operation. Each spray gun offers 16″ stainless steel extension rod for hard to reach area and dispense at a 100 degree angle from a 1.5 orifice jet.

Two Manual Operators Can Spray at the Same Time!

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The Ninja Mister is CSA/US approved for use in any government buildings including hospitals, care centers, schools, recreation centers, etc.,

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  • Holding Tanks x 2: 10 Gallons Each (40L)
  • Housing: Rotomolded Polyethylene Housing
  • Pump (per tank): 150 PSI
  • Dual Connection for Multi-Operator Compatibility
  • Dual Spray Guns with 16′ SS Extension & 25′ Coil Hose
  • 110 Degree Angle Spray, 1.5 Orifice Jet
  • 25′ Power Cord, 4 Amps
  • Molded Polythylene Housing
  • Molded Poly Handle
  • 8″ Rear Anti-Static Wheels
  • 4″ Front Anti-Static Swivel Casters
  • Quick Latch Body for Ease of Servicing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Body
  • 1 Year Warranty on Major Components
  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Dimensions: H 36″ L: 27″ W: 19″
  • CSA Approved Unit

*We get some people asking if this machine is Electrostatic technology. No it is not. Electrostatic machines are far more expensive and more difficult to maintain.

*Product may not be exactly as shown.

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