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“The KOOL GLIDE Carpet Repair & Floor Seaming System – A Better Way”

The KOOL GLIDE System is a totally new way to install carpet and other flooring materials. With KOOL GLIDE you remotely activate a hot-melt adhesive tape. Through the remote activation many of the problems of the 30-year-old hot iron method are eliminated. The KOOL GLIDE System works on carpet, wood and tile, giving you better quality and lower cost installation. The KOOL GLIDE system is safe, green and easy to use. That’s why major carpet mills, trainers, retailers and top installers endorse KOOL GLIDE installation.

KOOL GLIDE: The First Commercial Product using Sinch Technology

This technology represents a revolutionary step forward over the hot iron it replaces for carpet installation. Here’s how it works. The tool rests on top of the carpet and uses a standard household electrical supply to develop an electric field in a drive coil located in the tool. The associated magnetic field induces a current in a special hot melt tape placed beneath the carpet. The induced current heats the tape, causing the surrounding adhesive to melt and flow into the carpet backing to form a strong, durable bond.

Because of the internal microprocessor, this smart tool senses the presence of an underlying tape and the distance to the tape, then automatically calculates the energy settings for the application. Since the tape placed beneath the carpet is the only component of the KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming System that is heated, the user no longer faces exposure to a 350 degree iron or molten glue. Also, the computer-generated tape design optimizes the adhesive melting pattern producing strong reliable bonds while overcoming the visible seams characteristic of hot iron carpet seaming.

KOOL GLIDE installation costs less! And you’re not breathing smoke all day.

The KOOL GLIDE tape costs a little more but KOOL GLIDE installations costs less. That’s because of all the hidden costs of hot iron installation. For example, 2 guys waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down costs an estimated 1/2 man hours or about $7.50. KOOL GLIDE pattern matching takes 1 person, verses 2 with an iron, a savings of about $15 per job. And a repair – it’s not uncommon for a repair to take 7 man-hours or more. Here is a table provided by carpet installers showing the kind of savings you can get with a KOOL GLIDE installation. This table shows over a $100 savings repairing a seam made to a KOOL GLIDE installation as compared to using the hot iron.

Kool Glide Chart

With KOOLGLIDE everyone wins. The installer can do a better job and save money; the customer gets a better installation and no one has to breathe stinky smoke; and the retailer wins because the customer is satisfied.

KooGlide is a win-win-win proposition:
No smoke, no odor, better looking installation.

The one who benefits from the KoolGlide installation is the customer. Here’s how:

  • KOOLGLIDE installation is green installation.  Traditional, hot iron installation fills the room with smoke. This smoke comes from burnt adhesive from the seaming tape.  Often, this burnt glue continues to build up and burn each time the tool is heated. And this smoke is filled with irritants such as acetic acid, ketones, aldehydes, carbon monoxide, olefinic and paraffinic compounds, alcohols and vinyl acetate. I n fact, people with breathing, allergy and heart problems should not be exposed to this smoke which is similar to smoke from a burning tire. Since the KOOLGLIDE never touches the glue, this stinky, irritating smoke is gone.
  • You get better quality, flatter seams.  Because the KOOLGLIDE tape is so flat, problems with the tape showing through (“telegraphing”) are reduced. Also, reducing the heat reduces heat damage to the backings and yarn, a major cause of seam problems. Finally, when used with the KOOLGLIDE seam sealer, the KOOLGLIDE System virtually eliminates seam peaking.
  • KOOLGLIDE is the only tool to use for pattern matching. That’s because you can “tack” the seam in place before actually finishing the seam.  Once the seam looks perfect, go back and run it.
  • Easy repair!  If the installer does have to return because of a seam problem it’s so easy to fix. Just activate the tool, re-melt the adhesive from the top of the carpet and fix it. No moving furniture… no taking up the carpet… no removing the tape from the back… it just takes minutes.
Kool Glide Green Installation
Kool Glide How It Works

Radio frequency waves (not heat) cause the glue in the tape to heat up.


  • Cleans better with less effort and leaves carpet drier than a wand
  • Interchangeable heads for all type of Carpet and Tile Cleaning
  • User friendly, weighs only 39lbs
  • Telescoping handle for cleaning stairs and compact storage
  • Durable Construction with Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel Frame
  • Unique Marketing Tool to land new accounts and generate referral business
  • Industrially Engineered for Professional Use
  • Made in the USA
Kool Glide Carpet Repair System
“Because the Kool Glide is completely reversible in an instant, we’ve saved complete jobs and virtually eliminated the potential of costly error.”
Garlin Farris, Fleetwood Homes
“With the old hot irons, we had to worry about dripping glue or even burning the carpet and backing during installation. We don’t have to worry about any of that with the Kool Glide system. You don’t smell anything, and there’s no risk of fire.”
Melvin Santiago, Floor Tech of Central Florida, Inc.
“I haven’t gotten a single complaint about smell since I started using the new system. The quality is 100% better, and the usability of the tool is amazing.”
Oscar Carsey, Oscar Carsey Carpet
Kool Glide Carpet Repair Demonstration
Kool Glide Carpet Repair Demonstration
Kool Glide Carpet Repair Demonstration