Corner Guards Wall Protectors Hydro-Force

To get the best protection, our research indicates the use of three Corner Guards per technician or truck for smaller jobs. Additional Corner Guards may be needed for larger jobs. Corner Guards can be taken from job to job and will last for years.

Corner Guards- The Ultimate Solution in Corner Protection

Protect Your Customer’s Home, and Your Reputation.
Corner Guards protect your customer’s wall corners and prevents costly claims. Keeps hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings as they go around corners. Three are enough for most residential jobs. Made of unbreakable, lightweight, non-marking plastic.

  • Corner Guards can be used in the Carpet Cleaning Industry, as well as Janitorial, and Painting Industries.
  • Corner Guards protects all of the Corners of the walls and Furniture on your job.
  • Corner Guards portray a professional image which reassures your customer that you care.
  • Corner Guards protects against costly insurance claims due to damaged corners or walls.
  • Corner Guards are made from a light weight non-marking durable plastic.
  • Corner Guards can be sold to your customers who have central vacuum systems.
Hydro-Force Corner Guards for Carpet Cleaners - Wall Protectors